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What is Lyubov? Question of eternity? Or?

of Disagreement between men and women, stated or only mentally considered and not stated, were always, calming down, becoming aggravated. The cause is there were natural cataclysms, a sharpening of relationship of the nations, the states, revolutions as transition political processes. However, it did not prevent to increase in the past mankind in the quantity at all, increasing it before the military conflicts, during them, and then and after them. Joke. The law of self-preservation is the progress engine, so developments of a civilization, and its preservation for future generations.

Lately occurs an aggravation, recession in relationship between women and men. To me, it seems from false idea of understanding what is Lyubov. Not the last role in relationship was played by the movement to equality.

Is the hottest topic. About it, perhaps, later, but I will surely write.

A, now for the introduction, I offer modern dialogue He and she.

It - It:

Creative process - is pleasure of creation, improvement of through knowledge, experience accumulation, transfer their another, following, than we change the world around, and we change idea of world around.

of the Obstacle, misunderstanding - are inevitable. You allow them how a usual and necessary trial and error method. The way - is long and thorny. It is impossible to rise by Everest in a straight line. It is better to go in the Sheaf.


Creativity - delightful process. You are right, through searches, torments and doubts learn to understand and realize the gift, talent, skill. There are no direct roads, to everyone the road to Everest.


Oh, madam, I am eager to correct you. Uzhel is not far that hour, and Everest can not be enough for all. One calms: the benefit of mountains, on the mother to Earth, - ooh as there is a lot of. will drop down

for All. Joke. Who otterzat

, considered doubts that should be understood understood and realized the gift, than and increased the talent, then gave all knowledge to all poor, - that won against himself, that Is already great. And in it not a small role is played by the woman!


The woman is, is sexual and erotic, this happiness for the man. The female erotichnost is an attempt to wake the man, to force it to show the best advantages.

Not only in a bed. The female erotichnost is inconceivable synthesis of desire to have children, love to the man, a way of management of its purse and behavior, physiological requirement, bashfulness, entertainment, manifestation …


Everything is beautiful, Everything is remarkable! Here true thoughts - thoughts of the Woman!

God forbid to state to the man though their shred, especially this yours: “way of management of its purse and behavior“.


Happens that words disturb thoughts. The world and its our image - in all centuries - not same...


Thoughts are disturbed by a lack of words!

Is told: - “At first there was a word“!

Here thoughts run up on everything 100, Who told

? What was - the Word?

And, high motives - inevitably comes to an end super - fine, low, - the main instinct as the main function for a reproduction, and not only!

I it is written and told about it is oh as It is a lot of …


Perhaps in volume and trouble that is written too much? And everyone put the contents in this word. As a result in the sea of a miscellany drowned thin and beautiful, also real is more sincere. It is difficult to notice for a gold grain of sand... And it is clear - high does not happen much.


He agrees and does not agree.

Kohl is a lot of and variously govoreno and peregovoreno lyric poets and physicists whether it seems to you what can be the time, time for the explanation of this phenomenon - Love came? Whether we will lose something if we explain? An essence what it is Lyubov?

Light is better, than darkness?


What is momentary changes, and eternal same values, you will not measure them by money... Love, Beauty, Talent, Wisdom, Kindness... Is stronger when you breathe a full breast, you work at full capacity and you love with all the heart...


Yes, but notice:

Time changed, and …

the Love, Beauty, Talent - are bought and on sale.

Wisdom, Kindness - so far have no price though are in demand for the house, economic purposes.

By the way, nearly forgot to thank.

Last - a meeting. Was just strange! Thanks, we lovely chatted. I have the most pleasant impressions. You good fellow. How your mood?

By the way forgot to ask: In the Guinness Book of Records, you will get with what record?


M. m … It you, about children, huh? I, joked, then … They will not be …

Here your saying any more, it was pleasant to me:

- “For whom harmony - an order, for whom physical harmony - a gift“.

is Very precisely told. Someone does not think of life, without adrenaline emission, i.e. for it life is a fight, risk, game too close to the foul that would make sick philosophers of antiquity who did not know bigger pleasure, than absence of alarms and disorders - harmony.


Well, with philosophers of antiquity not all had “order“. They which did not know bigger pleasure than absence of alarms and disorders and stayed in harmony, did not rescue harmony of the Roman Empire from disorder.


Well, the Roman Empire collapsed not only from entertainments … There also women … and their envious persons … and men were guilty …

Only knowing true thoughts of the woman, the man is ahead of her at least by a step - in it a strategic way of management of the woman. It is not obligatory for it to state it, and just to do, submits to it.


There is no strategic way of management of the woman -! The man - is logical.

the Woman - is illogical therefore she either submits, or leaves. It arrives wisely. He understands actions, in the facts; the woman - in feelings. The woman latently motivates the man to act who does not suspect as it occurs. Logicality of the man is necessary for further commission of action which was thought up by the woman. The rare man knows thoughts of the woman therefore cannot be ahead of her at least by a step floor. Those who found harmony are happy, supplementing each other with feelings.


It is impossible to generalize not generalized. Same not physics where each phenomenon is scientifically explainable. I think how many people, are so much also “ponimaniye“ of love. To judge who realized this rule - is not present sense. If two after tests - time, fatigue, pain, disappointment, temptations of the world still look at each other with warmth and tenderness, without needing confirmation of the validity of these feelings, - that any “passions - mordast“ grow dim...


You correctly think, about the number of people. We are billions, and all with the opinion.

Love has no definition. Though, it is very desirable to have it. One definition for all - does not exist. But, the origin, origin, processes of love splashes, their attenuations - already at this stage are explainable. They are identical to all.

“Passions - mordasta“ - grow dim when there is an understanding that occurs.

Love comes and fades. Appears - new. Or, this recurrence is not familiar to you?


If this understanding brings the nobility why fades, then to full: - “Oh, my God!“.


Correctly! Process of attenuation can be caught, stopped and to renew. Agree?!

I so you, want to know the truth about love? Or: let will be how will be?

Or you, being under powerful influence of romanticism which moderately the misunderstanding “it is cloudy - dispersive substance of love“, you cannot do anything differently, than allegorically obscure that, as it is so rather obscured?

Or transparent question: Let the mankind, and will be further “obscured“, stupidly reproducing similar, and it is not important how? What

century outside, Madam?


About “ëüçÿ“ - it “is impossible“ - a framework legal? Clean the FRAMEWORK!


It is good then you clean a framework: Be straightened! Inhale - exhale!

I - reveal! Cut out Yourself - Cut out also it. Then it is easier to look each other inside, and it is easier to see a new, joint Way!


Probably, you are right … I want to know

Ya what is Lyubov …


You will know what is Lyubov! We together will be - it is the nobility!

River of S.: They will have a continuation, - they want to know what is Lyubov, and new and her new definitions will find everything, finally They will find one, two accepted only for them!