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Good alternative to torrents of

Recently torrents became very popular and it is clear, there much what it is possible to find and to download free of charge. But personally I do not want to keep any torrent at all - the client in a tray and to distribute someone something. A case when I am busy with a file gallop, then yes, everything is normal, but the counter in that what I downloaded I has to shares also with others and to keep the winchester all the time in hand, even small I do not want. Only in the future to have an opportunity something to download from a tracker. All this a little annoyingly...

Yes, it is possible I the bore and the jerk, but it is now told not about it. Just I expressed a small beam of hatred towards these torrents, and I want to tell one of alternative methods of search and loading of files to myself now on the computer which is based on p2p basis too, but a little bit in other representation for the user, namely DC ++ clients.

For those to whom the Internet service provider presents access not only to the Internet but also a local network, probably understood at what I drive, at the fact that it is possible to download files from other computers in a network, having previously a little distributed at myself, using at the same time an easy applet in use in which besides there is also a chat with smilies, and always is with whom to chat.

Yes, I will speak about DC ++ the file exchange networks. Present that the network is based not on one thousand computers of your city network where the general of a sphere reaches at least 10 TB information (1 TB = 1024 GB), and all Internet users, or at least russko the burning continent.

for this purpose needs to know many addresses of these a hub - servers and to add every time to itself to the list of the electee. It will be a little tiresome from - for long time and search of new servers, but it is possible to make simpler!

There is an Internet hubs where the number of users reaches 12 thousand people, and information which contains on them reaches one petabyte. I will remind that 1 PB = 1024 TB. And it much. It is possible to find not less than on torrents there and without obligation to hold the downloaded file further and to distribute it to others. To know the main thing as what you look for is called and to safely drive in it in the field of search, and then to choose the necessary file and to begin downloading.

Small instruction

1. We swing the client. (Reference in the end of article)

2. We start, we enter settings and we change the following parameters:

- we think out a nickname. If to you it is simple, then it is possible and to gather something off the wall.

- email, is possible some invented, nobody will check. Something qwerty@yaya type. com

- we choose the IP address, for the connection Internet. For the choice there will be 0. 0. 0. 0 and your IP. We choose our

- in the field of “SPHERE“ it is possible to razsharit a few resources. Some hubs demand it and will not give will be connected without this

3. We keep the

4 settings. We go to the favourites and we begin will be connected to a hub - to servers.

To download in advance prepared p2p DC version ++ the client where there is already big set of servers, it was necessary only to include and use. There are even hubs where also own the sphere is not necessary, all allow to swing for just like that, but I recommend to you to distribute after all about 20 GB, is pure for generosity.

] the Reference to the website where can be downloaded the client and to test in operation there is below than

yours faithfully, an author of the blog “Notes of the Creative Person“

ps. strongly do not kick if what, - you say I will correct or I will prompt, it is just my first publication on this website. Wanted to write about something useful. Found in search of nothing similar.