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Choice. How to find the road to lives?

On my feelings Road of Life represents a web of forks. As it would be good, probably, if being born, we got up on strong, direct and reliable rails and would move in once and for all the direction set by someone Big and Clever … And that the Switchman would always be responsible for changes of our way. Such semi-mythical figure, rather terrible to justify oneself before itself - as it is possible to disobey it?!

And in case of failures, losses and unforeseen stops it would be possible with a clear conscience on it to grumble a little: “It is guilty of everything … He establishes rules … He is responsible for a route of my way … And I am only a maaalenky engine. Or the car at an engine …“

For the first time we try “to derail“ at teenage age. Our revolt is usually expressed that we or sharply brake when us induce to disperse, or we rush at full speed in the opposite direction … It, of course, is very similar to the own choice. But to do “on the contrary“ - all -

Is good to remain in a line of the direction set from the outside … if adults give us enough space for similar exercises … Accept our protest with sympathy. Grumble and become angry, of course, but somehow so … it is safe for our integrity. In which, besides the boy obedient and pleasant in every respect - girls, hatched spiteful and very vigorous “ìîíñòðèê“ which only task on three - five years become to make “all on the contrary“. When “monstrik“ is accepted generally with patient sympathy and without “arrivals“, destructive for the teenager, he gradually calms down. Also remains quite adult ability to protest and defend the elections. By need, real on that.

If the monstrik is persistently ignored, smothered, tried “to be zalomat“, he can grow in the real Monster. For which the compromise is impossible, attempts to agree - always manifestation of cowardice and near which it is possible to be only on its conditions. The step to the right - a step to the left - a gap without a possibility of the appeal …

Or - under the same conditions - monstrik can retire to the background and fade into the background absolutely. And then we have many chances to receive it always obedient, with everything and all of the person concordant, very lovely at first sight … Which lexicon is sterile from the word “No“. From which it is very difficult to achieve what he actually wants. Yes he also hardly it knows …

Well it so, extremes absolutely … Actually everything is much better, I think … In each of us there is both that, and another … It is all about proportions?

And so if to return to roads of life. In fairy tales on forks of a way the Athlete usually is given at least three hints. Which though somehow help to decide on the choice … And in real life - as? Yes … Here a profession to choose

in any way. The father with mother pushed you on accounting courses or in financial institution in due time. And you feel sick from figures - tables - outputs - the credits … Of course, the guaranteed piece of bread - where without it?! But all life to stoop gloomily at hated work? Or all - to years to … to reflect what you with the life do? And to try to derail?

Yes, the first impression - crash of habitual way, practically accident … But if you are able to resist and all - to be engaged in the fact that it is more to liking, it is sure, will begin to live more cheerful … More risky, in some sense it is more dangerous - but is more spacious, more vigorous and more joyful.

Or choice matrimonial. Here in general ambush. Because if at choice of profession - works it is possible to predict somehow the future, then when you deal with Another … Moreover in absolutely short distance … Flowers - candies - kisses - “you are my ideal“ is a maximum for half a year … At best. And then - socks, pants, a slovenly tube of toothpaste, a spot on a new carpet, “where you were?!“. Practically on for the rest of the life.

And at a difficult moment you remember the other boyfriends with whom and remained in a “ideal“ time - and seriously you can doubt the choice made by you once … And if still what “fellow traveler“ becomes attached … There are both men, and women who very much love married - married … Such “devastators of nests“. And the nest with foreign wife - the husband it - is definitely not present! But in a triangle to live or there in a square (in the presence of own family) - lovely business … The love is cleared of daily difficult proximity again. Love again in a holiday format. It … forbidden, secret … And from it even more sweet …

But all - about elections. About forks of a way. Most here difficult, in my opinion, to refuse other opportunities and options, in a choice point still quite available and real. But after turn of already almost unattainable. And if that footpath on which as a result you go its potholes, almost impassable places, pools and blockages become your reality, then are expensive which refused, and remain the painted your imaginations and expectations … And than more difficult there is a way chosen by you - especially other opportunities left behind can seem ideal to you … I do not know

as far as to you it will help, but, in my opinion, people always doubt the elections … In a varying degree.

And these doubts can depreciate your today`s choice … To force to feel like the loser … The fool who lost a heap of such attractive, left in the past opportunities.

And can do you attentive and live. Capable it is better to be guided in the present. Opened to changes … To risk to choose on new forks and intersections which are always enough. If you give yourself the chance to notice them …