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What porridges not only are tasty, but also diseases treat? Porridge, pearl barley and yachnevy

In Russia takes the third place among porridges in popularity the well-known porridge , are ahead of her only buckwheat and rice. Porridge by right is considered one of the most useful porridges, and in some countries, for example in England, it became a dish No. 1 in balanced and dietary diet for a long time. It at Mikhalkov`s hero, the baronet sir Charles Baskervilya who arrived from - for the ocean, the phrase “porridge, the sir!“ obviously did not cause positive emotions, and even forced to shudder, and for many British morning traditionally begins with porridge.

Porridge - one of the most ancient porridges in a diet of the person, it began to grow up oats long ago. In it high nutritiousness, good tastes, simplicity and speed of preparation, and also the curative properties allowing to use this porridge for treatment and prevention of a number of diseases are successfully combined.

Contain in porridge extremely useful a beta - glucans - the food fibers, natural antioxidants promoting increase of resilience of an organism to influence of environment and various infections. In it fine selection of minerals: calcium, potassium, copper, sodium, phosphorus, fluorine, magnesium, zinc, iron, cobalt, and also a significant amount of vitamins A, E, PP, B1, B2, B6, B7 (biotin), K. Ovsyanka is rich with complex carbohydrates, high-quality proteins, proteins, cellulose, amino acids etc.

Thanks to the unique structure, porridge normalizes activity zheludochno - an intestinal path, promotes removal of slags, treatment and prevention of gastritis and ulcer, reduces risk of developing of cancer of stomach. It strengthens immunity, normalizes activity of the central nervous system, improves exchange processes in an organism and even constrains aging processes. Porridge is especially useful to children and athletes as it promotes strengthening of bones, development and growth of muscular tissue. Contained in porridge a beta - glucans help to reduce risk of development warmly - vascular diseases, and inozitol - to lower cholesterol level in blood and to interfere with emergence of cholesteric plaques.

Besides, porridge improves work of endocrine system, normalizes activity of urinogenital system, helps to bring carcinogens out of an organism, to stabilize sugar level in blood, promotes activization of cell regeneration, well influences skin, prevents dermatitis. Thanks to the content of natural antidepressants, porridge helps to struggle with depressions, stresses, sleeplessness.

It is difficult to overeat porridge, it quickly gives feeling of satiety that helps to control appetite and promotes weight reduction. Porridge not only contains the mass of useful substances, but also is easily acquired therefore it is recommended for food to diabetics, people with the weakened health, during the postoperative period.

By the way, from the processed oats (grain, flakes, bran, flour) it is possible to prepare not only porridges. Oat flakes can be added to meat cutlets and meatballs, to use as a breading when frying meat, a bird, fish, vegetables. They together with bran are added to bakery products and pastries in which, by the way, wheat flour can be replaced with a third oat. Fried oat flakes can be used instead of nuts at preparation of desserts, to add to salads, to strew with them ice cream and whipped cream. Oatmeal can be used for preparation of sauces, to add to soups to impact them density and a peculiar relish.

Except oat remain popular, though it is not so wide as earlier, and porridges from barley - yachnevy and pearl-barley . Barley is cultivated by the person more than 10 thousand years. This cereal is widespread as it hladostoyek, is well grown up in regions of so-called risky agriculture and is high in mountains. Bread from barley is baked seldom, it quickly hardens and strongly crumbles. Generally barley is used in brewing and make from it grain for porridges.

Pearl barley is the partially purified barley grain from the remains of grain covers. Pearl barley is used for preparation of porridges and soups. Feature of this grain is that when cooking it increases in volume by 5 - 6 times. Porridge cooks long (at least an hour if grain is previously soaked), but it turns out razvaristy and tasty. All who did military service are well familiar with pearl-barley porridge, there it is one of the main second courses - by the principle “cheap but good“. Pearl barley is used also for preparation of various soups, and in some, for example in a rassolnik, it is an obligatory component.

Barley grits are shredded grains of barley. Yachka is used more widely, than pearl barley. Except porridges and soups, from it prepare trickled pastries, use it for a farshirovaniye of a small game, a bird and fish.

On usefulness between pearl barley and a yachka there is practically no distinction except that in barley grits there is more cellulose as it unlike pearl barley is not exposed to polishing.

Barley is considered that cereal in which vitamins necessary for the person, minerals, nutritious and biologically active agents are most fully presented. Barley contains vitamins A, D, E, PP, almost all vitamins of group B. On selection of minerals it takes the leading place among cereals, in is mute are available phosphorus, silicon, chrome, fluorine, pine forest, zinc, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron, copper, nickel, molybdenum, magnesium, iodine, bromine, cobalt, strontium etc., the list it is possible to continue for a long time. In many respects exactly thanks to minerals barley is extremely useful. Besides, in it there are slowly acquired carbohydrates, protein (more valuable, than protein of wheat), fats, cellulose, including a beta - glucan, etc.

Barley contributes to normalization of a metabolism in an organism, to its clarification from slags and toxins, well helps at treatment of allergies, diabetes, diseases of a liver, kidneys, urinary tract, a gall bladder, zheludochno - an intestinal path, endocrine and is warm - vascular systems. It contributes to normalization of function of a thyroid gland and activity of immune system, strengthening of bones, formation of structure of skin. Provides with good nutrition a brain, promotes preservation to extreme old age of clarity of mind.

Barley is extremely useful to elderly people as in it there are all minerals necessary for them. Besides, the use in food of barley is recommended to people with the lowered sight, diseases oporno - motive system, the increased weight, digestion problems, at an exacerbation of stomach ulcer of a stomach or duodenum, at chronic pancreatitis and colitis.

By the way, barley is widely used by production of dietary supplements so fashionable today. Agree that the price of dietary supplements and barley grits are simply incommensurable, and advantage of what more still is unknown. In any case, in a yachka or pearl barley of chemistry is definitely not present, natural all only.

Kashi from porridge and barley grain one of the cheapest, but at the same time and the most useful. Their use will help not only to strengthen health, but also to correct the family budget. And how it is tasty to prepare them, the skilled hostess will always think up.

About other porridges, each of which is useful in own way, it will be told in the following article.