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How to be convinced that each of us - the Beauty?

Appearance … Beauty … Ugliness … We habitually estimate. Eyes - a mouth - hair - teeth - growth - weight - proportions. We smarten up. Somewhere we will drag away, we will emphasize something, we will hide something. We look at ourselves in mirrors. We compare … Others eyes - we catch the reflection in them.

If to speak about external beauty, then its “canons“ are very changeable. At the time of Rembrandt the corpulent, entered a time of mature feminity ladies were considered as beauties. In the middle of the last century pyshnogrudy Maralyn became a standard. And the last years thirty Tviggi and Kate Moss`s anoreksichny “shadow“ is considered an ideal.

Why to society such standards? Let`s leave it on conscience of designers of houses of Big fashion. It seems to me that on cachectic “hangers“ it is simpler to project new clothes. And still to project the unconscious fears of mature, maternal feminity. Long extremities, narrow, boyish hips, small breast. The woman of such appearance is safe. Power at it weak.

But here that interestingly: why to us, modern women, so to give in to a stream of images? Yes, where look - everywhere they, the girls of 15 - 17 years who are well retouched, offering to us, 20 - 30 - 40 - and further - summer it is even deeper to plunge into experiences about lameness of the appearance. And some of us quite seriously try to torture themselves diets - exercises - pricks of beauty and other mockery at the natural constitution.

Here at once I will make a reservation. I - for a healthy diet. I - for the movement for a body. I - for care of the skin. But when it is caused by my true requirements considering and my age group including. And when thirty-year-old begin to prick to themselves Botox, striving for glossy smoothness and disposal of the wrinkles recovering any mimicry, I will be precisely against!

In my opinion, us another does beautiful absolutely. What?

In - the first, a consent with by itself . When I live without special internal contradictions, accepting myself such what is now - I begin to radiate heat. I smile to myself. And to the people surrounding me too. And even if something in itself strains me, I want to change something - I treat it as to an occasion “to sit down at a negotiating table“ with those qualities which to me so … it is sensitive “across“. Instead of going on itself “ruthless war“. Which inevitably causes powerful resistance, deepens and aggravates the internal conflicts. Also adds to us to “sour“ or fierce “mine“ of fairly deep wrinkles … Or forces a body to begin to build protective “space suit“ of fatty deposits …

In - the second, by beautiful us intelligence of our life does . When I more than less represent in what direction, with whom and why I live this day. What values I profess. What purposes before myself I set.

In - the third, by beautiful us the compassion does . First of all, to. When, having been mistaken, it is possible to forgive himself. Without depreciation. Having apprehended a mistake as the next small step on the way to itself. As a lesson from Life. And when so you treat yourself - and it is much easier to forgive others. Without building in an internal ball of offenses as unjustified expectations. Without pollution of the internal space by miasmata of “heavy“ emotions …

B - the fourth, beautiful us the balanced power does . When to a body more than less fine. When to soul more than is less spacious. When in us sprouts of children`s, cheerful curiosity to life are live. And even in everyday routine of life we are ready to smile suddenly to the Sun beam, a fat, impudent crow, the passerby who held for us a door at the exit from the subway … of

How to check all these my reasonings? How to believe that you are the Beauty ?

Tried to look to themselves in eyes? Yes, I know, we, women, in a mirror look often. How? Carefully studying each fold or - what horror! - heat-spot? And that`s it in eyes? In a mirror of the soul? Without haste, without vanity, having chosen several quiet minutes to stay with by itself. On several - at least five - breaths - exhalations. Representing as you inhale confidence in the feminity, in the power balance. And exhaling “information garbage“ of persuasive external templates.

And then it is simple to smile to himself. And it is sincere, heartily - mentally or aloud - to tell: “What I am a beauty!“