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All - inclusive: how “to survive“? Rest without harm for a figure of

Holiday - serious test for physical shape. Holiday on the all system - inclusive is dangerous doubly. How it is good to have a rest and minimize negative consequences of an overeating and alcohol intake? The solution consists not in refusal of pleasures, and in correctly to organize food and physical activities.

the Movement

the Reason for which people get fat is very simple

- it is discrepancy of receipt and power consumption. Therefore if you cannot refuse high-calorie food and at the same time you want to keep a figure - an exit one: to increase physical activity. The best options on vacation - swimming and bicycle walks. These occupations provide moderate loading and suit practically one and all.

Run can be too tiresome for insufficiently prepared person, and foot walks, on the contrary, insufficiently effective. As for game sports (soccer, tennis) and aerobics, it is necessary to remember that fat is used as organism fuel only at sufficient intake of oxygen. It means that if rate of occupations too high, breath is brought down and you choke, then and the fat-burning effect of such trainings will not be. To define suitable loading level , it is possible to use such rule: if you cannot normally speak - occupations too intensive and if you can sing - that insufficiently intensive.

But anyway, the main thing on vacation is to derive pleasure from the movement, but not to set up a personal sports record.


As for food, is, undoubtedly, a complex problem, and first of all psychological. Holiday is a long-awaited pleasure including gastronomic. Nobody wants to think of restrictions and bans. And at the same time it is wrong to be adjusted on the fact that after holiday you will weigh 3 kilograms more and you will do nothing with it.

An exit from this situation is. There are many effective receptions allowing is with pleasure and at the same time not to gather extra kilos:

1. Increase the number of meals to 6 - 7 . The maximum interval between meals has to be no more than 2,5 - 3 hours. When the person eats, for example, twice a day, his organism works at “the lowered turns“ and saves energy. And frequent food accelerates a metabolism and allows to eat more without consequences for a figure. Use a classical formula: 3 main meals and 3 more lungs of having a snack.

2. The big breakfast is a healthy basis of all day. It is necessary to receive enough proteins in the morning to feel cheerfulness all day. Therefore pancakes with jam do not approach, in them there are too much simple carbohydrates and fat. For a start it is better to choose fried eggs from 2 - 3 eggs (but only with one yolk). After also a few flakes with milk, and a pancake or a toast with honey are already possible. The matter is that at the simultaneous use of enough protein and simple carbohydrates, proteins “slow down“ digestion of simple carbohydrates, and sugar level in blood remains stable a long time. As a result, the risk decreases to gather extra kilos.

3. Use the rule of one plate : it is possible to take any pleasant food, but all it has to go in on one plate. It is absolutely sure that everything that is from greed more. Unless you eat houses on several types of meat for time and 2 - 3 types of salad? Of course, no. Why on vacation to test the stomach for durability?

In hotels with a buffet a set of dishes repeats therefore you will absolutely precisely manage to try all offers from the chief - cooks within a week.

4. Control liquid calories . Not all hotels indulge guests unlimited access to freshly squeezed juice. Many are limited to the offer of free fruit drinks. They do not remind the real juice either in the color, or taste. But all persistently satisfy thirst with this unclear concentrate. Give preference to ordinary clear water from a bottle.

5. The rule works for alcohol : important not that you drink, and how many . Therefore, undoubtedly, the there is less alcohol, the better. For calculation of caloric content of alcoholic beverages it is possible to use the following data: 100 calories contain in a glass of wine, a half of a bottle of beer, a shot glass to vodka or in half of liqueur shot glass.

Follow the simple rules of reasonable food, do not blame yourself for easy “search“ at a table and enjoy long-awaited rest!