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Copywriter courses. Whether they will help to master a profession? Any normal person at us knows

how to treat, teach and criminals to catch. And as to play soccer: you remember a joke that all country is able to score goals, except these eleven clumsies in the field? There is also one more profession which is necessary neither mind special, nor talent. As the driver Igorek declared to us somehow in edition: “And still money pays you for such nonsense?! Here give me the handle - I a move will write the whole novel“.

Really, unless it is work - paper to soil? What can be difficult there: sit to yourself in heat and rest, knock on keys or the handle on the Vod`s paper - lovely business! What only classics toiled - inspiration looked for, manuscripts burned down, “tons of verbal ore“ shoveled?

And any such Igorek for some reason does not remember how he at school pressed from himself lines and rewrote paragraphs inattentively articles from the textbook, endeavoring to write the composition on literature. Only all the same it turned out continuous “Anna Karenina rushed under the train, and it dragged her miserable existence for a long time“.

Probably, for these here naive citizens, sure that such - that trifling science as a kropaniye of articles, they will master without effort, and various courses for the beginning copywriters are calculated. In crisis time at many problems with money and work began - here and rushed to look for the people ways to earn in the Network. Ways - that is a lot of and is sick all sophisticated. Here unless the copywriter - than not a profession? It is not necessary to do anything special.

Also there are even kind people who for a symbolical payment are ready to train fast future creator in everything that could not teach in ten years school Mar Ivanna to. There is nothing to be afraid, these gurus of a copyright credulous Igorkov convince: any the person who has a computer connected to the Internet can learn to write articles to order.

And readily show responses of the pupils - students, pensioners, toolmakers who after passing of “a step-by-step course“ turned in stars of commercial journalism and earn “without effort“ even up to seventy thousand a month!

In due time I subscribed to newsletter of one such “specialist“ and bought a videocourse of another. I repent, I got all this not with a distant sight - to write this article. As well as many, I wanted to find a perennial spring of a cash flow. Also decided that authors of courses and mailings will open secrets of copywriter skill which to me, the person far at that time from the Internet, by all means it is worth learning.

At once I will tell: particles of more or less useful information concerned only the description of work of various exchanges for copywriters. The technology of training in literary business is simple as the axe and is reduced to the following. Make the plan of the text - introduction, the main part, the conclusion. Think up heading. Also find Polazayte on the Network information on about what you are going to write. If you manage, retell it by the own words, inserting “from time to time I think“ - and article is ready.

It is impossible? It does not matter. Just rearrange words in someone else`s article found you in places - and there will be to you a rewriting. One more invaluable council - you produce the opuses in a huge number, do not feel sorry for own, sorry, bum. Though something yes “will shoot“, that is will be bought by the customer. And there, you look, orders will go - unconcernedly scribble by the principle described above.

I will not even comment on this poor training theory - all and is so clear. I will not begin to be indignant concerning so primitive treatment of journalistic skill and to appeal to conscience of authors of courses. It is just a pity trustful Igorkov which give blood to swindlers, hoping to master creative and very difficult business for couple of days. And it is still a pity that such here, in the name of God, “journalists“ form opinion on a profession in general.