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Small cunnings of drawing up summary. How to be allocated from “the gray mass“ of applicants?

“The summary are presently not means to get a job.

Is means to make about itself the first impression.“

A. Kalabin.

Correctly made summary today - almost main document at employment of the dream. Well, if, of course not to consider reception on acquaintance or related communications. Therefore, without ability it is correct to make the summary you or you will not be able to settle to the position corresponding to your claims, or you will be significantly afflicted when you are bypassed by the less professionally prepared, but more impudent and prepared for interview competitor.

So, you found the company where would like to work. According to the description everything suits you; working conditions are acceptable, the salary is rather high, the firm has in professional circles good reputation in respect of the professional growth of employees … And still … You for certain not the only applicant for this lucrative job. And your competitors will send the summaries too there where also you. Well, and how to make that “gray crowd“ chose you from this?

Standard rules of filling of the summary are on each website of job search. For certain, your competitors use these rules too. Please, be not limited to the standard, faceless summary. Violate rules!

A how to make the summary non-standard, but at the same time not to overstep the thin bound of “odd fellow“ who given will not be considered at all?

1. Most important. Collect as much as possible of information on firm in which you would like to work. From any available sources: The Internet, visit of office of the company as the client, personal talk with personnel of the company … This information superfluous will definitely not be. Perhaps, you even learn it what to get a job exactly perekhochtsya simply there. And it is possible and vice versa! Especially pay attention to details which try to hide from a foreign look. Trifles cannot be here. Everything that was learned, needs to be written down and systematized immediately.

2. the Majority of articles where it is told how it is correct to fill in the summary, do not advise to send with the summary the photo . Arrive on the contrary. But you remember, a photo - a thing delicate. It can and is strong help, and … strongly to do much harm. So, first of all - the size of a photo has to be small, otherwise your e-mail will get to spam - the filter and at all nobody ever will see it. The picture has to be portrait, this format is most habitual to specialists in personnel. And here still to no - Hau. It is better if in a picture you are in clothes of that style which is accepted, publicly or secretly, in this company where you want to settle. To learn what clothes are worn in this company, easily, for this purpose and there is a preliminary information phase.

3. Surely specify in the summary the small weaknesses . It will allocate you from a lot of those who write about themselves only positive information. And the trust to you will sharply increase. Only at once try to show how you compensate these small weaknesses by big pluses.

4. Very shortly mention hobby and personal attachments. It is better if they coincide with hobbies a top - personnel and the owner (owners) of the company. Too it is desirable to obtain this information even before drawing up the summary.

5. Never write about two things : negative - about the previous place of work and how davnova you look for work.

6. If you slightly - slightly exaggerated the achievements , and it is done practically by all, be ready to answer a question: “How you reached it?“. Consider that this question will be asked surely. If you make the convincing, similar answer to the truth in advance, can overestimate the achievements not slightly - slightly, and is considerable. It will allocate you from the mass of applicants too. The main thing that then when you are already employed to be ready quickly to confirm these “achievements“.

7. And the last. If you have a familiar head whatever small he was in your eyes, surely show him already ready summary - let will criticize. Information which will state when viewing your summary the head - the practician can be in general invaluable. If it is several heads, try to show all.

Success in searches of good work!