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In what secret of Chinese cuisine? Rice on - Chinese

Rice is the main product of national cuisine of China. Cook it by certain rules.

Rice should be touched - if only you did not buy expensive rice, already without garbage. Then it is necessary to wash out it carefully. Wash out rice both hands, fraying, and water is changed to transparency, that is by 5 - 6 times. Then rice is filled up in the boiling water at the rate of 6 l of water on 1 kg of grain and cooked, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon, to semi-readiness. In Chinese cuisine rice is not washed out after readiness, just merged in a colander.

Then from a colander shift in a steam sieve on which bottom previously stack a damp towel (it concerns also double boilers).

From 100 g of crude rice slightly less than 300 g boiled turn out. In national Chinese cuisine rice is never salted when cooking.

From rice it is possible to make the magnificent, loved by Chinese liquid porridge - a damichzhoa. This porridge is cooked only for breakfast and given in big drinking bowls.

To prepare a damichzhoa, rice is prepared as it is written above. Then it is put in cold water at the rate of 1 l of water on 100 g of rice and cooked at first on strong, and then on weak fire to readiness. Water after the end of cooking is not merged.

With what it is possible to eat rice on - Chinese - 3 recipes:

haricot Pods fried

Pods of haricot of 200 g (it is possible frozen), tablespoon of chicken fat, allspice 1 pea, ½ salt; h l

If you have fresh pods of haricot but which are not frozen, then it is necessary to touch, crack them the ends of pods, to remove veins and to cut in half. After that pods are boiled to semi-readiness and thrown back in a colander. A little turned out broth leave.

lower Allspice in hot fan from chicken fat and to keep in it not longer than half-minute then fat is filtered through a small strainer.

with a small amount of chicken fat put the prepared pods, salt, broth from beans (in which cooked haricot) In strongly warmed frying pan - 1 tablespoon. Fry, periodically stirring up a frying pan then to pour in the chicken fat overroasted with allspice.

Very beautifully turns out if from rice to roll balls and to put on a plate together with haricot. In a separate small pialka it is possible to serve soy sauce.

the Cauliflower in a tomato

the Cauliflower 250 gr, chicken fat 1 of the Art. of l, starch 1 of h l, ½ sugar; h l, a tomato - paste of 1 tablespoon

clear the Cauliflower, cut off a cabbage stump, sort on kocheshka, wash out, slice and cook to semi-readiness.

In a small pan pour the starch divorced cold water (1:2), add a tomato - paste, salt, sugar.

with a small amount of chicken fat put cauliflower slices On strongly warmed frying pan, fry it then, continuously rotating a frying pan from left to right, pour a stream in the prepared starch with a tomato, and then chicken fat.

At desire can dip cabbage pieces in soy sauce.

Fish chopped in sauce for 1 portion

Fish 200 gr, egg (protein), rice vodka (well it is possible also wheat, but rice it is better) ½ tablespoon, lard 30 gr, ½ starch; tablespoon, ginger fresh 10 gr, bulb onion 1/3.

of Perch fillet without bones and skin cut on pieces and pass via the meat grinder with a frequent lattice. In the crushed weight add whites of eggs, rice vodka, put melkorubleny ginger, onions and well stir.

a spoon put Forcemeat in the form of fritters in hot fan. When pieces of forcemeat emerge, throw back them and now put on strongly warmed frying pan with a small amount of fat, pour in not filled chicken broth 2 of the Art. of l, rice vodka, salt. When liquid begins to boil, remove foam, and then, rotating a frying pan, a stream pour at first in the starch divorced cold water (1:2) and then the kindled lard.

It is possible to study in more detail rules of Chinese cuisine in article: In what a secret of Chinese cuisine? Everything is simple - it is tasty and it is useful for health!