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How most to make children`s toys?

U you the child, and to it was born, of course, toys are necessary. And, toys are required literally at once after the birth - from first seconds of life the kid begins to learn the world, his brain develops. And the baby is limited in movements, independently still does not move at all, his world is narrowed.

Toys is a way to broaden the world of the child, they develop a brain in various directions. It both development of hearing, and sight development - for the smallest. For those children who already began to move, be enough with handles objects toys offer also development of tactile feelings and small motility.

The main problem with toys for such remains that kids quickly lose interest. Their attention dissipates. And if to offer the child the same rattle every day, he can simply cease to pay attention to it. Still, it does not bring any new impressions any more.

It is possible to go on the way of purchases and constantly (very often) to get various toys for the kid. But it is available not to everyone, children`s toys cost little by no means not so as it would be desirable. And it is possible to choose other option: to make toys independently. Of course, they will be not such beautiful and refined as purchased, but they can be changed almost every day. And a variety of impressions is very important for the child at infantile age. Besides, the combination of “house“ and purchased toys will allow the kid to make fuller picture of the world. That is, will promote its development.

The elementary toy for the child - a rattle . It is possible to do the whole garlands, having a cardboard, glue and various grain at the order. Tubules are made of a cardboard, they are strung on a strong thread (that the child, having grasped, could not break off), then tubules are closed on the one hand (it is possible to use pieces of traffic jams), filled with any grain (various grain gives a different sound) and closed on the other hand. Cardboard tubules can be painted.

It is also simple to make a mobile - “karuselka“ with toys which is suspended over a crib. From a wire the framework for a mobile of any chosen form communicates, then to it the figures which are cut out from a cardboard and painted are suspended. Conveniently the fact that figures can be changed constantly. It is possible to attach both images of animals, and geometrical figures to such self-made mobile. The kid can study different colors and shades - and all by means of a piece of a wire and several pieces of a cardboard.

The mobile can be made of wooden or plastic sticks.

The mobile can be made even of a simple hanger for clothes. It is enough to suspend only to it small toys or figures which are cut out from a cardboard. However, such mobile is worse - it statsionaren.

Lids from bubbles with drugs will allow suit for the child the real puppet theater (certainly, it already for children is more senior 3 - x months), to accompany fairy tales with theatrical action. It is only necessary to draw on lids various mugs - and the finger-type theater is ready.

The same bubbles with drugs will give to “expander“ for kids. In this quality “accordions“ which press tablets in a bubble can act (sometimes there is no such accordion, and tablets nestle cotton wool, but now it is rather an exception, than the rule).

The rags of various fabrics sewed in a square and a rectangle plus a set of buttons will give to the developing rug for children of 6 months. Such rugs are recommended for development of tactile feelings, small motility and coordination of movements. The indispensable condition - buttons needs to be sewn most strongly that the kid could not tear off them.

In process of growth of the child the rug can be complicated, creating the real works of art. On the developing rug the whole fairy tale - the wood with wild animals, a farm with house, fruit-trees can settle down (“Show where an apple! Show where a pear!“), the rivers and lakes with fishes and other natatorial. Parents - handymen have such rugs, growing up with the child, grow to the whole developing rooms (or corners if the kid has no room).

There are a little imaginations and a lot of love - and you will be able to provide the child to all necessary for his full development. Remember that it is not always a question of money.