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Cesarean section at a hamster. How the Mouse Masha gave birth?

Generally the Mouse Masha are a hamster, more precisely, than a homyachikh. It was acquired in pet-shop when my senior, having passed the “cherepashny“ period, desired to endow with the care somebody more actively. That this someone could give feedback at communication.

A mouse Masha, charming white fluffy creation, gave it in the first evening, having till it bleeds bitten the child and the husband who rushed on shouts. On their cries I came running with the younger child under the arm. The next 10 minutes were unforgettable. I held with one hand one-year-old Vova who tried to break on will, another tried to catch Masha who is nervously running on a carpet, the third - to appease blood at the daughter and the husband … Constrained a tail an impact of three cats (yes, at us there live a cat and two cats), which, as well as the kid, were eager for acquaintance to the new family member.

The following hamster did not keep itself waiting long. The daughter intended to part them, and for the Mouse bought a male.

Sides at Masha were rounded gradually. Really I was disturbed when I understood that already couple of days it does not leave a lodge. Having found a dead newborn hamster, I understood two things: childbirth began and something went not so. In a vetklinik to me suggested to bring a small animal to them - it was possible to help only in the conditions of a hospital.

Ultrasonography showed that inside there is one more hamster. Options was two: to perform operation of Cesarean section worth 3500 rubles or, having stuck the stimulating prick, to return an animal to us. The proposal of specialists of clinic which saved to Masha life helped to make the decision: they undertook to make everything free because so far such operations were not done. Rats operated, and there is no hamster -. Also settled upon that. It was thought that at worst veterinarians will gain experience, and it is important too.

The husband brought home a hamster in a rag under anesthetic. Masha should be heated. We piled up a cage on a heater, picked up temperature (not to fry the patient) and exhaled. It departed from an anesthesia, now it is necessary to nurse.

Next day it was necessary to give two injections. Having loaded children into a bed, having driven cats into other room, we gathered syringes and started. It seemed, Masha will jump out of the skin and the benefit seams fresh and not really strong will escape golenky. The first prick in ham (what there ham at a hamster, you will tell!) went off with a bang. It was necessary to pump 1 ml further (to a small animal in whom only 20 ml) in withers “hypodermically“. It worked well too.

It was necessary to prick 10 days. In three days for horror and powerlessness that so long it is necessary to scoff at Masha, we got into the Internet and found out what medicine can be “vypaivat“.

Further I coped itself … time to remove seams did not come yet! We were prepared thoroughly - cuticle scissors and tweezers for a shchipaniye of eyebrows. The husband tumbled down Masha, I managed to remove one seam. So far delights about it, a homyachikha ceased, according to the husband, an otgryzl to it half-hands. Blood from a finger gushed forth, it was necessary to stop removing seams and to treat darling. For the next day we disturbed again to a vetklinik (where I, without hesitating, was represented by mother of a hamster) to get advice.

Having waited for week for calm of nerves, began to work according to the same scheme - children in a bed, cats in isolation. The husband ordered: “Fill up it sideways!“, as though it was talked of a ram. Masha grinned and goggled. Children brawled, cats were scraped and asked on will. Seams slowly, but gave in.

So this history also ended. And let Masha will never have children, but she is live, cheerful, runs on the cage, eats, washes pink pads and looks black eyes - beads. And does not even become angry about us for pricks.