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Who thought up sausage?

Sausage, and are tender - a sausage... This product which became almost national is always actual on our tables. And what is sausage! You will come into the next supermarket, and heart rejoices - here to you both smoked cervelat, and doctor`s, and house a ringlet, and hunting sausages, and sausages with sausages (the list can be continued indefinitely). Whatever you may say, and we love sausage tremblingly, well our people are not indifferent to this product!

And how many times we were frightened on pages of magazines and newspapers that sausage is harmful to our stomachs, and it is made not of meat, and it is a lot of in it additives bad! But our people not from timid, and sausage still takes the worthy place at us on a table and on weekdays, and on holidays.

From where sausage came to us? And who that great clever man who thought up it? And that is simple to find this clever man not so - because sausage - a product so ancient that even the origin of this word has not one version.

Some experts claim that the word “sausage“ came from the Turkic phrase “kul basti“ meaning “fried meat“. Others see the Slavic origin connected with the word “Kolobok“. There are scientists who consider that “flask“ is the cornerstone of the word “sausage“ Latin, meaning “round“, but the consensus concerning this word does not exist. Yes it also is not surprising, to sausage neither more nor less, and more than two thousand years!

Ancient Greeks regaled on sausage during noisy festivals, and in Ancient Rome very much loved blood sausage. Trained her, filling pork stomachs with boiled chopped meat, blood of a pig and various seasonings. The sausage twisted by a ringlet was smoked thanks to what it could be stored long. It already was not so much festive how many a daily dish. Seafarers and merchants took with themselves sausage in distant travel. Well prokopchenny sausage could be stored till two years.

Asian steppe nomads loved sausage too, but cooked it in own way. Took mutton or a horse-flesh as a basis. They did not smoke sausage as Europeans, and dried up it on the sun, from it the product was dehydrated and well remained during long military campaigns. Such sujuk sausage was called. It was stored under the equestrian`s saddle, getting a flat form, and always was near at hand at the person interested to have a bite the soldier - the nomad.

Ancient Slavs were “not a bast boards too“, loved sausage and were able to make it not worse than other people. It is possible to suspect that sausage really a product national, from nowhere to us not the comer. And though for the first time it is mentioned in one of the Novgorod birchbark manuscripts of the 12th century, there is an assumption that ancient Slavs knew a secret of preparation of this product earlier. How prepared? Yes it is very simple: washed out pork guts, filled them with small chopped meat and fat, and as additives used buckwheat cereal, eggs, pork or beef blood. The turned-out sausages were cooked or smoked.

Throughout centuries sausage was improved. Thanks to development of new technologies, in Europe there were new grades which extended worldwide later. It is necessary to notice that in Russia the beginning of mass sausage production falls on Peter I`s era, since then, as he wrote out from Germany to Russia of sausage affairs of masters to teach Russians to do sausage according to the European standards.

There is no problem with acquisition of sausage today, it can be bought in any grocery store, and it is possible, having like spirit of ancestors, to prepare her houses. Believe, it is worth it!

“Kolya at sausage wings, the best bird would not be!“ - the Russian proverb says. Here where the long national love to this remarkable product was expressed. Sausage, and it is tender - a sausage... Nobody thought up it, it always was, is and will be!