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How to be pleasant to the man? A monologue of the passerby

Yes - yes. I know. I know what you know. It is known by all.

And here example. A week ago you read the article “What You Need to Know to Be Pleasant to a Male“ in “Cosmo“: a breast forward, yagodichka are bulged, the sponges which swelled up a little and zazyvno half-open, eyes damp and big. In pupils of a sparkle of bitchiness and a mind drop. The most important not to go too far in it! Intelligently, of course. Has to give to the man pleasure to dominate. Even if he is not cleverer than your cat. But, at least, he is a man - many times more largely than a cat.

And the salary at it is more.

Alas, alas … As there is no wish to break maiden illusions … Can … And if so?.

No. If directly - so directly. Generally, all that knowledge with which you were diligent stuffed by the last years …

A - and - and... come what may. Girls! There is no knowledge! There is a set of the incoherent facts taken out of a vital context and presented to you in beautiful packing with words: use! here the international experience of a muzhchinoznaniye is built!

If Pavlov`s dog reacted to a red lamp unambiguously (started up saliva), then the average man, looking at a goggle breast and the bulged buttocks, will refuse to start up saliva, most likely. And if lets, then only not to offend you. At it in the head, except your red lamp, still a heap of the multi-colored small lamps demanding reaction: the car in service it would be necessary, something knocks on the right; at work of a problem again; this crisis as inopportunely; something the throat began to ache a bit … And the wife already called, worries, waits. And in general, I am not a dog that to start up saliva.

Even if about the wife I invented. No matter. The essence remains: man first of all person, and only then male. Also you do not say to me that Desmond from him approves as “A naked monkey“ the return; most likely, you misunderstood it. Even those who are called “a lysinka, a paunch and a purse“ even they are, first of all, people. And, can quite be, it is cleverer than you - I do not claim, but quite I allow it. So, see your game through. Respectively, accept it, only if it coincides with their desire.

Therefore, girls, forget that it are pleasant to men long-legged, busty and … generally, “Miss World“. Are not pleasant to them “Miss World“. And are pleasant … Now I will tell

the main thing. It is the important, absolutely classified information which is not intended for others eyes. Therefore cover the display with a palm … No, still in - about - it there was a chink … So well. Now listen.

Men like everyones: and very young, and middle age, and even elderly. And with a breast, as at Semenovich, and lean, as a dried vobla. Both long-legged, and that at whom under an invariable skirt of legs nobody saw and ever. Both with yagodichka, and with sponges, and with eyes - and also those at whom the back unexpectedly comes to an end with a cavity, and who has on a face three very narrow chinks: one, wide, is slightly higher than a chin, and two below a forehead.

It is also the main secret: any can be pleasant. Already only because she is a woman. Perhaps, at it the ringlet on an elegant ear beautifully hangs down. Perhaps at it dementing, slightly gruffish voice. Or the movement which she does up hair is so perfected in the millennia - so it is perfect.

And let you do not know that it . But it did not get to anywhere. It is always with you. It in genes. And one fine day will work as the arbalest cocked till your birth.

I - that know it. Now also you know.

And that it is necessary to look always dazzling - and other nonsense - forget. Many men just like girls in the old, washed-off dressing gowns. It is so sexual.

Therefore: do not trust magazines. The thought uttered - and, especially, issued in the form of the printing text - is the evil. That is, lie. And men too people. Though it is a little also others. Sometimes, by the way, they read also your magazines. Sincerely laugh, by the way … you ask

: and why then all these articles? for what all these imposed behavior matrixes? and what the hell I, abnormal, spent such a lot of money for this glossy deception?

The question contains the answer.

For some templates are necessary. If not to tell it that it is necessary to carry out by a language tip on lips for a greater zavlekatelnost, then she, maybe, for all life to time will carry out. Will not use such terrible female weapon. And so: told - and everything is all right. Carries out and carries out to himself endlessly. Backwards - forward, backwards - forward. To hold so, Maria!

And in general, if not this burning topic what then would write magazines about? And? Not about quantum mechanics, really.