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Education at the younger generation of family values - is the main task of people

Now the person lives in the hard world - various negative processes which happen in society, such as interethnic conflicts and economic crisis, there is an increase in social and material stratification of society, political and social tension - all this, undoubtedly, exerts huge impact on us, and leads to the fact that many problems become aggravated, and, including, family problems. Very often parents are busy so what see the children a couple of hours in day or when they already sleep - about what education can there be a speech? Children remain in itself and generally significant effect the street and those in most cases low-standard movies of mass production which filled screens of movie theaters and TVs recently has on their education. As a result at children perverse moral values which they in a consequence transfer already to the adulthood are formed, and these a zloschastiya from problems of a separate family become a problem of all society - the families established by yesterday`s children more are spiritually unripe, young spouses - infantile and selfish. How in that case they will be able to lay the foundation of moral health of the children and grandsons? In pre-revolutionary Russia the big role on formation of outlook of the younger generation was rendered by religion and a family - at schools studied “Scripture“ where eternal moral values which were developed by generations were instilled in children. The considerable number of the people both in the east, and in the West, has traditions (and It should be noted, they are quite effective) education of younger generation. Also it is not important at all that it is official religion or truly developed school educational system, the most important - result: at the child the system of the correct moral and family values is installed, and in soul call of duty has the place, compassions, responsibility for the acts and conscience. And what the education system in such countries how, for example, Russia and Ukraine can offer us? It is not enough. After flash of interest to the new entered, not optional subject “Ethics and Psychology of Family Life“ - again calm, good, as a matter of fact, undertakings were “nullified“ by ignorant and generally formal execution. Already now it is visible that the subject which will impart to children system of true family values is simply necessary for a school education system, and does not matter what it will have a name. The main thing that it was effective as as east wisdom says, the one who suspects a century forward has to be engaged in education of the person.