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What gives to the child reading for the night?

One of the most repeating motives in illustrations to books of my childhood: the child lying in a bed and the grandmother or mother sitting with the opened book on a lap. It displayed realities not of my generation - once read to children for the night fairy tales or just interesting books. Now at best show to children for the night an animated cartoon.

And this reading at a bed - not just primitive analog of the animated film, but something much bigger and important for the kid! Many mothers trying to teach the child to read complain that he has no interest in it. Parents of first graders sometimes speak about the same also. Business not in lack of interest in study per se, but in lack of interest in reading process. In other words, children often have no motivation.

Why so? Because, that the child did not get used to derive pleasure from reading. Of course, I say not about that with pleasure to read most before he learns letters, and that in principle there is no book among its main entertainments. It always or is almost always connected with the fact that parents do not like to read it the book, doing it without pleasure, having hardly found ten minutes during the day, or simply replacing it the book with the animated cartoons training or not.

Sometimes it is connected not with parents, and with restlessness of the child. This problem in certain cases is perfectly solved by a right choice of time for reading.

You already guessed that this time - in the evening, before going to bed. When the kid who is already pacified, tired, lies in a bed, and you, having already exempted from day cares (which are enough also on the weekend), sit down nearby, choose together the book, open it and following twenty - devote thirty minutes to reading and - each other.

It is also the second, very important advantage of reading.

Feature of our time such is that dear, close people will see off time with each other a little, communicate a little and almost always do it by the way or on a holiday. Children as if move away from parents, the emotional connection with them weakens. The parent actually turns into the person who since morning hurriedly lifts, feeds, dresses, takes away in a garden or school, or seats in front of the TV, then brings from a garden - school or again feeds, distributes instructions and bans, and drives into a bed in the evening.

What to do? Conditions of our life are that that we cannot give up work or another important issues to enjoy only communication with the kid.

But there is very simple and almost easy way to hold and strengthen your relations with the child. Since morning, lifting the kid, to speak “Good morning! “ (two seconds which will change nothing except that the child will feel your attention) to kiss or stroke on the head, saying goodbye before daily parting and to find in the evening of a half-hour on reading it the book before going to bed. Tranquility of evening, the confidential atmosphere, common cause, turning into daily ritual, will strongly connect you by bonds which have to connect dear people, is clearer than any words and gifts will show to the child your love.

Besides, even the entertaining books read in such cozy atmosphere so defiant strong, deep emotions, promote development, expansion of an outlook, stimulation of imagination and thinking and, at last, interest in training much better, than any developing animated film or the program - big efficiency of real-life communication (and such reading - a communication form!) it is in this regard already proved by scientists by means of supervision and experiences.

The main thing - do not do it mechanically. Read to your child because you love him, but not because “so it is necessary“. Children feel it, believe.