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Whether always excess weight from an overeating?

Somehow saw such picture on the street in the summer: there is a woman of years 35 - 40, approaches a stall from shavermy, puts on the earth not drunk up bottle of beer nearby and something buys in this booth. The look at it left much to be desired. It was in a t-shirt, bridges bedroom-slippers and with a bag. And all this different color. Hair are short, a typical hairstyle to potter less with hair, the person not well-groomed. Excess weight of kg. 15 - 20. All clothes are obviously small and all folds of fat are well visible. Esthetically this woman is not really attractive, and is obvious, not only for me, but also for bulk of men. I am sure also problems at it of life enough.

Why I in general paid attention to this picture? I at this moment passed by and she before me put this bottle on a lawn. For me it is not clear when the person puts near a garbage can, what has to be thrown out. And then, the woman drinks beer from a bottle and on the run, for me is not acceptable at all. When the woman so does, she so lowers herself that it is difficult to call this person the woman.

Still, remember even if you have an excess weight, then why to put on clothes the size less? When such picture is seen by my young man, he tells such phrase: “Again dressed the 46th size in 44“. It very much is not pleasant to men. From outside it looks terribly. I look at such women and I understand that same the victims on - lives. At which all are guilty, the husband, children, the chief, and still they think that it to eat to grow thin. And, here, on symmetry I also want to talk.

I undertook this subject to explain that symmetry of a body is provided not by(with) a diet, but a level of development of your consciousness. I want to give this subject in other look that women (and men too) understood why they grow stout.

So why all this occurs and why we need all this?

Whether it seems to you that “problem“ of excess weight is decided and inflated by mass media? By means of excess weight manipulate masses.

We will remember the women sung by Rubens or portly Slavic women. Then excess weight was considered as a good sign. Such women called attractive, was considered that they could take out the healthy child. It could speak about prosperity of a family also. Now I hear such opinion as completeness is a sign of poverty.

But as we live in the 21st century and now other level of development of society, it is necessary to treat it according to today. And today the medicine says that completeness - it is bad. Various processes of an organism which conduct, as a result, to premature death from the diseases accompanying completeness are broken. Completeness constrains the movements of the person and when it passes into obesity, it is simply unpleasant to look at it.

Also let`s glance to the truth in eyes, business not in excess weight, and that you do not love yourself and you your life does not arrange. And if you lose weight, and you will have an ideal figure, then hardly your life will change. Rather even through some time you will grow plump again and if you keep weight, then for you it will be penal servitude.

So to do?. The answer is simple: to change itself. As soon as you begin to do something good for yourself, you will notice as the world around will become better, and there and from excess weight nothing will remain.

Perhaps you will think that such is the world, my environment, my character etc. But all this there will be only excuses. And can just sit down in silence of one and think who I am, why I here what I generally want? And it will be necessary to answer all these questions to change itself and surrounding space.

It is difficult, but there is nothing possible, I am absolutely sure of it.