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How to develop creative abilities at the child? If you read part 1

“A gold calf“ of Ilf and Petrov, then have to remember the unusual artist, Feofan Mukhin who painted pictures … oats. And, despite sneers of the unruly son Turkish - the citizen, Mukhin`s works enjoyed undoubted popularity.

Of course, very razvlekatelno to read Ilf and Petrov, however it is necessary to notice that similar creativity - creation of works of art from unusual objects and materials - is very useful for children (especially aged from 1 year till 3 - 4 years). It develops the imagination, stimulates ability to creativity and at the same time serves for development of tactile feelings and small motility.

The simplest are creative games on Feofan Mukhin`s system. That is: “drawing“ by means of various grain, salt, sugar and so on. For example, the fine winter landscape can be represented, having the gluing pencil (office glue, PVA glue) and the sheet of black paper at the order. It is enough to represent drawing glue, then to fill up a leaf I will merge, the picture is ready to shake excess salt - and.

It is even more interesting to div “to draw“

grain. Here it is already possible to represent color pictures, but not to be content it is only black - white tones. Besides, grain demands not only careful selection of color scale, but also the size. For example, the ship “is drawn“ by buckwheat, a mast - breadcrumbs, a sail and “hats“ of foam on waves - flour, and the sun - shredded corn.

The plate with flour will be suitable for the smallest as “canvas“ - in it it is possible “to draw“ remarkably fingers.

In general, Feofan Mukhin was absolutely right: in kitchen it is possible to find a set of opportunities for the most various creativity. And not only for rushes of the artist, but also sculptor. The grain crumb perfectly replaces plasticine, and where as is more harmless to small children - if the kid suddenly and will pull “sculpture“ in a mouth, then there will be nothing terrible.

And it is possible to make of such material a lot of things. The elementary examples: a caterpillar from black and white loaf, the little man from a crumb. The child can make such unpretentious “figurines“ quite easily, and his imagination at the same time works fully. Besides, one business - a caterpillar on the picture, another - that which the child made with own hands. Similar creative exercises help knowledge of the world.

There are in kitchen also inedible materials. Simple packing for eggs gives almost inexhaustible opportunities for creativity. From it it is possible to create various animals, bouquets of flowers, to build the cities. However, in this case the kid should be helped. It will be necessary to work as scissors and if the small child, then he can be wounded. By the way, on such case the special scissors for children minimizing a possibility of traumatizing are provided.

Allow the kid to dream. Dream together with it. And the more improper for creativity materials - the better seem at first sight. Unusual, new application of familiar things is a way of knowledge of the world, this formation of an independent way of thinking, the real creative person too.

But, of course, do not forget to control the child during such games. Not all materials are completely harmless. It is remembered, Ostap Bender recommended to paint pictures nuts. It not too is suitable for the small child.

Of course, it is not the only way for development of creative abilities in the child. But - one of available and well proved.