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Why Russian football team lost to the national team of Slovenia and did not go to a WC to the Republic of South Africa?

there Passed time, emotions settled. Russian national team does not participate in a WC - 2010. Guus Hiddink also departed afar. Now it is a high time measuredly, to remember and understand without emotions, WHY Russian national team lost to Slovenes and did not go to the Republic of South Africa. Let`s brush away a tear, we will clear a look. Time not only treats, but also gives the chance of quieter analysis.

So, Slovenes then, 14 - go November, 2009 - go, in the first butt match, the only goal in Moscow when the Stove-setter in the end of game literally drove the head a ball in Akinfeev`s gate, put almost deadly prick in heart of the Russian soccer.

And later, 19 - go November, in the second match, in Slovenia, just finished “patient“ - the debalanced Russian national team. The deadly injection was given by Slovak - “doctor“ Dedich on 44 - y to minute. So football players of one of the smallest countries of the world overcame colleagues from the biggest. Now, when pain and bitterness of offense for defeat practically settled (though will completely hardly settle in the next years), let`s look narrowly at these Gulliveram from the tiny state that won (“bortanul“) of athletes from Russia.

the Statistics and school days “gold“

the Area of Slovenia makes 20 251, and the Russian Federation - 17,1 mln And at such geographical this it is more football schools in that Slovenia, than in all Great Russia! What children are grown up by these football schools? Get accustomed to Slovenes - all powerful, tall, mobile, nimble. From smiling colleagues out of the field - in the field football they are instantly transformed in the presents Halkov. Angry, strong, fast, uncompromising, prompt. The football school of tiny Slovenia overcame the disorganized similar school of huge Russia.

Bookmaker offices

There turnovers of tens, hundreds of millions dollars. Before a match with Slovenes of a rate equaled about 4 to 1 in favor of the Russian national team. We were four-time favourites in this couple! We, it seems, after Euro - cannot move 2008 tiny Slovenia football “skating rink“ and by that to please the Russian fans and millions of those who bore the money and staked on us …

we Will turn the person to jumps. In arrival, for example, there is an obvious favourite. Magnificent camp, grace of a mustang, brilliant achievements. To them the strongest racers are prostrate. It is absolutely logical to put money for the favourite. Not on a jade! And people bear savings to the bookmaker packs, diplomats, suitcases. Are relied. Horses begin running. Some players do not even worry: the favourite will win them! Are ill more for the sake of appearances. Shout, whistle, sniff, the same as the horses running on a ring of a hippodrome.

And there is something that forces the huge mass of people to grab heart. The favourite suddenly begins to move hardly legs (hoofs), and a certain little-known horse shoots ahead! But there is very small part of people who with silent delight watch this metamorphosis. Because these several person initially knew on whom to put and what horse will win arrival! Tens of thousands which are shouting, making a din, the indignant audience of the majority do by the rich ten - another imperceptible, silent players. It is also called “to shoot “dark horse“. In our case rates went 4 to 1. You represent how those who put the considerable sums on the national team of Slovenia were enriched! Question: why they put on Slovenes? It is good if following sports intuition. It is bad if they foreknew what meeting result will be.


At Slovenes reigns in team rigid discipline what it was much reported about. And at us as reported mass media, even on the eve of some matches players “come off“ in discos. Guus Hidding of time “caught“ our children behind fun. He as the true diplomat only noticed that “it is lousy you, children, dance“ (approximately such translation of the statement). Or perhaps it would be necessary to apply drastic measures which discipline? Instead of rest and a spirit on game, football players jump under music, and the fatigue involuntarily appears. Moreover experience of positive emotions the whole wave also exhausts mentality. And what they, our football players, drank on the eve of games with Slovenia there? It is good if freshly squeezed orange juice.

And if certain enemies added vodka to this juice ? Purposely! Competitors do not doze! And from a pokhmelyuga not really - that also you will run about! Unless behind beer. Ours also played with Slovenes as boiled crayfish. Without beer. Perhaps, certain assholes could accustom to drinking our little boys. So, probably, it would be necessary to stop sharply anti-disciplinary acts of football players of our national team. Here would be beaten out from group, would win the permit to a WC - 2010 in South Africa, then - though be filled in and dance to exhaustion! But - not earlier than it.

Big-time Politics

Is a certain probability that ours lost for political reasons and at the kept dark, but quite accurately designated request of the Slovenian president. Medvedev on a match was? Was. Perhaps, the president of Slovenia put the ultimatum: or the gas pipeline over my country - Slovenia - will not go, or will go, but you then do not try to win in a match . And - we did not try! To Slovenes we set off loss for the good of the country in the long term. Then we have a clever move on the international scene. But this version is very exotic and improbable.

“Well, not a shmogla I! Not a shmogla! “


And still, me it seems, you should not too blame our players. Both could, and played. The main reason for the fact that we did not get at a WC - 2010 to the Republic of South Africa, most likely, is unsightly and lies on a surface. The quintessence of this reason is hidden in a joke.

The man plays on races, costs, chooses on whom to put. The old mare approaches it and speaks: “Put on me, I swear, the first I will come“. The man thought - thought and put all money for that mare (speaking, suddenly and the truth of the first will come?) . Arrival began, the mare twitches, takes 10 steps, falls and does not rise any more. The man after running approaches it with the menacing look. The mare looks is guilty and lisps: “Well not a shmogla I, not a shmogla“.

And our national team: “Well, not a shmogla I! Not a shmogla!“ Somehow the great magician of a ball Pele with brilliant irony answered with

the question “When Russian National Team Becomes the World Champion in Soccer?“: “When Brazilian national team on hockey will win the World Cup“. So far to us, fans, it is necessary to take care of Brazilian national team on hockey in every way and with understanding to nod at the phrase “Well, not a shmogla I! Not a shmogla!“.