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Ideas for a holiday: how to arrange houses an opening day?

Family celebration are always a holiday for adults and children. But agree that many of them pass standardly, it is ordinary. And interesting either the imagination is not enough for something bright, or desires. That not only to surprise guests, but also to please all family members, it is possible to create house an opening day.

At this small exhibition children`s hand-made articles from plasticine, a cardboard, clay, a tree, and also - drawings can be presented. If in a family there are girls, then they will show at an exhibition of the dolls in the orders sewed by own hands. Parents can take part in the general preparation for an opening day together with children, helping them to do hand-made articles. But can show also own imagination.

In some families of mother and father, grandfather and grandmother, their relatives knit, sew, are fond of cultivation of flowers. There are also house collections. It can be brands, candy wrappers, coins, cards, badges. Many grandmothers store far from public eyes of lace, executed in youth, but not lost the charm. Very beautifully the small embroidered small pillows look. Grandsons can not know that their grandfather collects beautiful cuff links long ago and that he has rare books. Remained things are easy. To decorate a house exhibition with these bagatelles lovely to heart.

So, the house exhibition should be created from exhibits which it is necessary not only to select carefully to children together with parents, but also to issue them. It is the best of all to place photos and drawings in a framework. It is good if children make them. Besides, it is possible also to decorate a framework. It can be pieces of ceramics, glass, a bead, a button, a tape, beautiful matter. Photos can also be attached to color paper. Not to spoil pictures, it is necessary to make small cuts on paper and to insert a photo.

It is the best of all to hang out all drawings, pictures, pictures in a hall or in the room, on one wall. Other exhibits can be attached by means of the scaffold gluing tapes, paper clips, tacks, threads.

Houses you will always find a piece of a canvas, a tulle curtain, a cloth. They can also form a good basis for registration of an exhibition. That guests, relatives could consider exhibits, some of them can be attached to a basis pins. And even to hang out on a rope by means of clothespegs.

The main thing to sign all hand-made articles presented at an exhibition, having specified to whom they belong, with comic wishes to their owners. It is undoubted that such art gallery will cause a great interest in guests.

The similar opening day can be arranged also in honor of a wedding anniversary, someone`s name-day, birthday, anniversary If you decided to celebrate the grandmother`s anniversary, then it is possible to decorate an exhibition with her portraits (use pictures of different years for this purpose), and also to present things which it stores not one year. It can be children`s notebooks, diaries, drawings of children and grandsons. Greeting cards, various souvenirs which you presented in different years to the grandmother can be exposed in a house opening day too.

If birthday of your child comes, then it is the best of all to decorate a house exhibition not only hand-made articles of the son (daughter), but also his friends, having agreed with their parents in advance.

Also do not forget that children have to be the chief guides at a house exhibition. Only in advance parents should help them with it. For certain children will prepare for the next exhibition with even big enthusiasm.