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Motor rally - 2000. Expensive war. How it was?

of Orlovsko - the Kursk arch

This motor rally was devoted to


55 - summer anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. On start four cars in “full combat readiness“. The first VAZ heads a small column the car, then follow three Oka. Cars are carefully checked, serviceable, filled. We start in the early solar morning on May 2, 2000 from the square of tankmen - a monument of fighting glory of our soldiers.

Nervousness of participants are clear - they should pass a small site of the huge way passed once by the Soviet soldiers. Ahead - a meeting with veterans. Ahead - Orlovsko - the Kursk arch.

the First stop in way - the city of Novosil

Unapproachable fortress - Stalingrad in Stalingrad it became known for

“Pavlov`s House“ to all country when in it fighters of guard of the sergeant Ya. F. Pavlova staid 58 days to death. Names of twenty two defenders of the house - fortress are traced on its wall, and among them there is a name of the machine gunner Ilya Vasilyevich Voronov who lives and now in the village of Shablykino of Novosilsky district.

“Two months of continuous fights, sometimes without food, at a poor unit of fire“. But people stood, did not pass fascists to Volga. For Ilya Vasilyevich war ended in fight already for the neighboring house. On November 25, 1942 there were especially cruel fights. Voronovsky of “Maxims“ worked so that water in a casing began to boil. To the machine gunner the grenade shattered the right leg, but after bandaging he continued to shoot again. Stitched by automatic turn, he was brought to hospital. From a powerful body of I. V. Voronov the surgeon took 25 splinters. 15 months proceeded treatment.

And the person stood and informed us of live history. To native Orel region Ilya Vasilyevich returned the disabled person. He lived, worked, built. Sadly and it was ashamed to look this person in the face. Because then, ten years ago when only died down dashing 90 - e, our veterans did not understand what is created with the country, its people for which they gave the lives. It is too time period which should be passed.

the weapon emplacement Following once - the village Knit.

Krivtsovsky memorial . A high stele, around it - granite plates on which names of defenders of these places are beaten out. Still find shells, unexploded from war, in the local woods. With bated breath, we listen to the story of Vasily Vasilyevich Tereshkin which in 1943 chose as a reference point for firing own house when it was required to suppress resistance of fascists on the opposite river bank of Zusha.

the Mass grave of medical battalion at the village of Bulatovo.
We cost

at a mass grave and we listen to the story about death of the medical doctor and three nurses (Rumyantseva Lyudmila Fiodorovna, Panina Taisiya, Ivanova Nina, Konstantinova Olga). Absolutely very young, they under bullets to the last took out fighters from - under firing and were killed in this battle. Nobody could constrain tears.

Further the road lies through Hotynets to the settlement of Naryshkino.

the Memorial - “The killed village“

In the village only 14 houses, all inhabitants were

, children were killed, shot. Departing, Germans burned a small village. Nobody survived. It not the only terrible reminder on our earth. And the space which was Soviet there is a lot of such places in the territory of Russia. One of them - Khatyn in Minsk.

Total length of our motor rally made only 900 km. And it is small part of a great way on which there passed our soldiers for years of hard times. And what was to our generation, let for a while, to glance in this scary page of our history. It is not forgotten, remains in memory forever.

Our small group finished in. An eagle, on August 5, in day when the first salute in Moscow which marked itself the beginning of a persistent victory of our people in the Great Patriotic War was made.

And now, the day before 65 - the anniversaries of a victory, we bow to a great feat of soldiers. Let`s always remember you.