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Volcano in Iceland: how Klaas`s ashes can go to the head?

what in Iceland volcanoes - is revealed not yesterday. The fact that the volcano with the indigestible name had to shandarakhnut Eyjafjallajokull was known long before eruption. Experience of such eruptions was not the first kiss for Iceland: the same handsome was already thrown up in 1821 and incensed with ashes across all Europe over two years. That planes temporarily do not fly - we will endure and we will go by train, by bus, the car, by motor ship, the submarine or the tank, at last! We will easily direct transatlantic flights to peplosvobodny zones, and there and on post-horses we will reach. (The prime minister - the minister of Norway now at the airport of New - York sits and quietly drives the Norway on the Internet).

Nobody died, nobody broke, nobody suffered, except owners of airlines. But the railroad wins, clinging additional cars, wins bus service, strengthening a traffic, win hotels, restaurants, terminals. Absolutely regular situation - well happens that the sky becomes empty. Let it is better so, than as after 911 when we with horror looked three days in the become empty heaven. There is non-flying weather, there are non-flying conditions...

So why we the people such what let`s us popanikovat though do not feed with bread?! Why we will not show respect to the Icelandic scientist and the authorities of Iceland for the fact that did not schernobylnichat about the cloud which is taken down to Europe, and behaved, as well as it is necessary to civil Europeans? Why we will not surpass three times through the left shoulder what nobody suffered? Why we will not tell thanks to greedy airlines that did not pursue a profit, and reasonably put wings in hangars of Europe? And, the main thing, why we such - that: we love that we were pokoshmarit also from koshmarik we go bananas?

And nightmarize us to the full extent. EUROPE is WAITED BY ACID RAINS! CLIMATE of EUROPE (and in particular in the city of Mukhosransk!) CAN CHANGE! ASHES are DANGEROUS to HEALTH of EUROPEANS! DO NOT LEAVE the HOUSES! WEAR ANTIDUST MASKS! Well, and other azokhenvy in the form of forecasts of a general pestilence and an ecological collapse... (If someone finds the particular authority figure nightmarizing the population of Europe give me its phone number).

Having run about on fat headings of the Russian mass media of the last days, ached with a sovok atavistic disease - the theory of plot. I do not joke: here it, the spiteful conspirator pouring feathers of journalists panic poison, sharpening stings of commentators a file of provocations! Only a muzzle at the conspirator indistinct as the hedgehog in fog - has no place to spit. The ugliest that is nightmarized with references to authoritative sources.

Was not too lazy, reached the original of the statement of WHO: any consequences from dust clouds or dust rains for health of the person are unknown to it. In black and white: not - from - Vest - ny! Reached by the same lazutchesky way primary sources of statements of climatologists, ecologists - the forecast of a possible insignificant cold snap in the European part of the continent (the summer can be couple degrees more cool - and give - that god!). For sentimental alarmists - night heaven can carry a reddish shade: uzhast as it is terrible!

Stolypin was wrong that Russia does not need cataclysms. The old man got excited. Still as are necessary! You look, and horse-radish with it, with crisis. Both with a mess, and with corruption. The main thing - that was not wars. And that acid rains did not wash away fruits of the next fights and battles for a harvest. (And that main thing, city of Mukhosransk!) . Yes if they do not go, them specially it is necessary on a direct line at Dazhd - God to order!

One I as the simpleton to a rattle, I rejoice to cloudlets: on volcanic halls the most tasty rod grows, and the best wines will be born on ashen lands. Perhaps and in Iceland apple-trees will blossom... Also there will be the Icelandic cider, special to taste... I rejoice that croak of a yellow press runs on resistant immunity against any yellowness and a panichnost of healthy part of the population of the planet. I rejoice that there are books in which it is possible to get truthful knowledge - influence on world ecology of the most tragic and terrible mankind of a volcanic eruption of Krakatau for history is well investigated, studied and described. I rejoice that nobody died and will not die...

So give together gaudeamus igitur. Do not read, you do not look, do not listen, do not trust: our planet is so arranged that on it volcanoes and that they are thrown up. That there is some giant work in its subsoil and that it is conceived on a default. And what the planet knows itself as to settle it and to self-clean. And earthquakes are necessary to it, both a tsunami, and a flood. And us, unlike creatures terrestrial, allocated with intelligence and ability of knowledge that we, even without understanding this great work of the planet Earth, in time were saved for dangerous to homo sapiens as look, manifestations of this work.

There is no forgiveness for man-made Krakatau of Totskoye testing range, for Chernobyl, for Kursk, for Sayano - Shushenskaya - probably, self-damage in us is put too. And the Icelandic misfortune let`s forgive and we will not give in as it is rough, but tastefully speak in Ukraine, nonsense. The favourite city can sleep peacefully, and acid rains let will spill only on a yellow press.

Planes fly soon, clouds will settle fertile ashes on fields soon - where as it is good before a sowing campaign - we save on fertilizers. The summer of Europeans will wait not iznuryayushche hot, and pleasant, water in the seas and the rivers will be good for bathing. The sun will ascend in the east and to set in the west. Companion Prokhanov will search for the American ears in eruption of a NATO volcano, Volga will run to flow into the Caspian Sea, and we, friends, we will stand waiting for the next yellow duck and we will continue to live short dashes between horror stories if my inoculation does not help you.

Here and a smilie to put. But here the night sky will redden with shame for a yellow press, and these are not jokes any more. Not for nothing Beatles prophesied that all of us live in the yellow submarine.