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5 elements of creation of successful business on the Internet of

Five elements about which the speech in this article will go, in my opinion, are simply necessary for creation of successful business on the Internet.

I always adhere to a position that irrespective of, than you are engaged, system approach to the business is necessary.

Especially important it on the Internet since only system approach will allow to advance the goods or service successfully. So before beginning to develop the business on the Internet, carefully think over structure of this system.

For example to create system of creation of business on the Internet, it is possible to carry out the following 5 steps in accurate sequence:

1. Define the purpose

definition of the purpose is understood as that end result which you want to receive at the exit.

For example to sell partner goods.

On the Internet it to be told much about visualization of the purpose. And it is correct. Because before somewhere moving, you have to know and where, actually you actually move.

you have to see this purpose. This purpose has to excite your thoughts. It has to attract you.

2. Develop the purpose

to achieve the objectives, it is necessary to define tasks which you will need to solve for achievement of this purpose.

For example, you advance partner goods. You need to build system of tasks so that the visitor of your website, having passed several stages, acquired these partner goods.

It can look so:

3. Use tools

Under each task for achievement of the purpose, tools by means of which you also will solve these problems are necessary for you.

At the first stage of creation of the business on the Internet, you will need the following main tools:

First tool: It is your blog (website).

I.e. that platform on which you will solve all the problems.

your blog (website) will always carry out the main task - to bring the visitor of your blog (website) to action necessary to you. And it will do these are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year.

Second tool: Content

Content - the most important element of your system of business.

As they say, “without piece of paper, you a shit“. It is sure that you understand that on the Internet the show is run by its majesty content. I will explain only that content is not only the text on your page. It as well video - audio-materials, i.e. those instruments of communication by means of which you communicate with your visitors on the website or in mailing.

Third tool: your personal mailing group

Or the training course bringing your visitor to the action determined by you.

The fact is that at direct advertizing of goods or service, conversion of sale of goods or commission of a certain action will be very small in comparison with step-by-step sequence of supply of material through a mailing group.

4. Apply (or having studied, apply) your skills

It is that knowledge and abilities which you possess for creation and use of tools under the solution of specific objectives.

For example, to you the earnings subject on the Internet is interesting, but for any reasons you are not an expert in the field. Your task in this case - to study this subject at those people who are experts.

Now there are a lot of guides to an earnings subject on the Internet. What is called, “take and apply“. Your task - to take one of the managements and to put it into practice. Then, to describe all what you learned from the management, on the blog (website) about.

You “will kill“ three hares at once:

Learn new knowledge and skills.

Put this knowledge into practice.

Fill the blog (website) with qualitative and unique content in the form of the experience.

5. Act

to become the Olympic champion, it is not enough to read the book “How to Become the Olympic Champion“. It is necessary to work hard for achievement of the purpose.

At the same time I want to emphasize that one persistent work not the most important indicator. In - the first stage, you have to become another, i.e. that who possesses skills and knowledge, in this case, of the Olympic champion.

Your knowledge and abilities which are not supported with specific actions are “firing by blank cartridges“ or “trample on one place“ when there is a lot of knowledge, and result is always equal to zero.