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The near future of e-mail whether will level emayl to pasporty data? Whether

are Known by you that money can be emailed already now, or, on email more precisely or on a phone number? (services Peypal Monebokers Alterpay, etc.)

And what our Minister of Communications made the proposal to equate email to passport data?

A cyber the space is included closer and closer and more categorically into our life and extent of its penetration every day increases.

Mobile phones continue to approach computers. Services of mobile telephone networks extend. The Internet inevitably gets into each mobile phone and, perhaps could force out mobile communication from phone....

The principle of a set or, more precisely, than the subscriber`s call that is has to undergo changes.

In the future, actual subscriber number, phone will be able to receive itself, for example from domains. tel or having available the e-mail address and having run for search in the Internet.

On an e-mail address, I also want to dwell.

Emayl could become a certain login in means of communication as, for example skype a name or an ICQ name.

That is to unite all means of communication in uniform open ID login.

That is, the person would not need to remember a long phone number, and would be to remember email enough, to enter it into phone and to phone to the subscriber in a case with GSM networks.

And, in a case about the Internet of email could be a certain digital signature of his owner.

So after all why e-mail, but not ICQ or other means?

The answer is covered in opportunities of technical safety of this type of communication.

To enter the mailbox IP connection control is possible. At the same time other services of an exchange of short messages and colloquial services of an orentirovanna on light and fast contacts in a network also do not strive for information security.

In it also one more moment, is covered there where it is impossible to tie Internet connection to location, various illegal actions of the user are possible.

And, correspondence by e-mail takes quite long time, thereby obezopashivy itself and others from any serious fraud...

Therefore the e-mail address can and has to become a certain authorization document not only in the Internet, but also in offline. Considering that the side between them is steadily erased.

However, at the moment, it is not feasible from both parties.

And from users who do not think of the safety at all and have one password both to the favourite website and to statistics at Internet service provider.

And mail services are not ready to authorize users on new, without wishing to put forces and money in what can not be pleasant to the user.

But, the Internet turns from means of entertainment - in is information the business environment and changes in authorization are inevitable...

On many state websites, including a pension fund or the OVIR, authorization occurs on an email. So let`s legalize already this type of an electronic name and we recognize behind it the right for alternative of a digital signature or a name and surname.

Conclusion one. So far neither the Internet nor users are ready to perceive the e-mail address as something serious what it is possible to fight for and that can represent them in a world wide web.