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Who has to begin conversation on marriage - the man or the woman? Wait for

of the Woman that the man will offer them a hand, heart, part of a salary. And men not always hurry to offer all this. Wise young ladies understand: to accelerate process, it is necessary to create the attractive picture of the future. “You represent the road, I all such sexual and desired, let`s undersign, and you will have this happiness every day“. The man looks and speaks: “Yes, I want“. Everything is normal, he wants it, she wants in marriage.

It is one of often found marriage options, it is characteristic of absolutely young people. At those who are more senior cleverer, is more skilled, harder and harder. Who has to begin the first conversation on marriage how to make it?

My assumption following. Who is more interested in a marriage, that also has to begin conversation. It seems logically, but many women, especially after 25 years, passionately wishing to marry, consider that the man anyway has to make this proposal. They wait and if there is no desirable, begin to make a claim, sometimes, roll up to the possible partner in life of a hysterics that frightens off it finally. Who needs the hysteric woman?

With men it is simpler: if they want to marry, then at any age easily do to the woman the offer. And if arranges cohabitation without marriage registration, then are ready to live also happily with the beloved to what around the mass of proofs.

I with Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy arrived at the same idea, he slightly earlier, I later: not the man has to look for the woman, and the woman the man as she chooses not only the lover, but also the father of the children. From myself I will add: men this responsible task cannot be trusted. What the young lady to herself will find, at her and will be. Then it is not necessary to tell: I was such innocent, he twisted me, deceived. If you choose itself - responsibility on you.

Therefore if the girl wants in marriage, then her duty to find to herself the worthy man and if he does not understand yet how he urgently should marry, then it is necessary to tell about it. But how?

As already spoke, claims “why you do not suggest to marry“, especially hysterics, it is better to exclude. It is better to begin conversation with sincere interest in vital plans of the man for the future. It is useful to find out, you there are present in some way? And you can? If yes, tell that about it to the elect, maybe, he does not realize the happiness in family life yet with you and when understands, at once will agree. Who refuses good?

The general sense of your conversation has to be such: after a marriage life of the man will become better. It has to be the truth if is not present - show me the madman who is ready to marry, foreknowing that his life will become worse. Why it needs to be done, such marriage will be short.

Before conversation it is good to answer himself questions: why I am necessary to the man? Why he should marry except that we have a love, what sense in it? If the love passes - what`s next? It is necessary most to represent accurately: what good I will bring in the beloved life?

I understand that it is difficult questions for many women who consider that they the treasure, beautiful, sexual, attractive, how many men want them is simple! Young ladies, leave this delusion. Men want women in general, the nature that you agreed to sex so thought up. Any competent young man will support in you illusion of exclusiveness and originality, difference from all other women, wishing to receive that, as from other young ladies.

In general illusions are pleasant, it is difficult to refuse them, but strangely enough, it is useful to begin conversation on marriage, accurately understanding, than you will be useful to other person. Leads to divorce more often such romantic conversation:

- You love me?

- Yes.

- And I you.

- Let`s get married?

- Give.

Beautifully, but when the solution of all problems is postponed for later, then it turns out that the man the bastard, the villain and the deceiver. Perhaps to find out in advance?

I understand that wrote not absolutely what is pleasant to most of women. I, for example, do not like winter and cold weather, but I know that the winter will be. It is better to be aware and consider this fact, irrespective of the attitude towards him.

Read many “women`s“ magazines about marriage, a family, the relations. General sense of written: “How to find the man of the dream and what then to do with this geek“. Therefore it is useful to think in advance, than to repent later.