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How to change covers by car?

A year ago on birthday I presented to the husband covers on seats in the car. To let know that to me its jalopy is not indifferent. Somehow to decorate our old BMW. Certainly, for twenty years she will not look younger, but, at least, strangers will not be afraid to go inside. And to be near it.

The husband was delighted to covers. But, contrary to my expectations, did not hurry to put on. On its assurances, labor-consuming and long put this. It is necessary to take out from the car of a seat and to do there clear-out. As now winter, it is necessary to wait for a warm season. Impressed with this knowledge, I murmured: “Live and learn“, was also filled with confidence that instead of a useful accessory presented to the husband an additional headache.

Time went, there came the spring. Having caught the husband on attempt to thrust covers on a mezzanine, I made row as it is well-known - the thing put on a mezzanine more it does not leave. Covers moved to a luggage carrier and peacefully lay all summer there.

I was disturbed. Began to start with taxi drivers provocative conversations on subjects: Whether “Covers are easily put on seats?“, “As you think whether it is necessary to disassemble the car to change covers? whether“ and even “You feel fear before replacing covers in your car?“. Taxi drivers askanced at me, as at the madwoman. Some giggled. By a majority vote to me it was explained that to put on covers - put a lung and why the husband shirks - unclear.

Outside there was already a late fall. Covers continued to become dusty in a luggage carrier. Before the next birthday of the husband there was a month. In one of rainy revivals the husband it is proud declared that today we go on the parking - to put on new covers. Probably, ripened. It sounded as the public summons, as a campaign for meeting. I decided that change of covers in the car - some ritual unknown to me to which the man has to come, having spiritually got stronger. As the decision to go to the monastery. Or marriage.

On the parking the ceremony of the voodoo began in general. If I foreknow about everything - would stay at home with children. The husband did not lie. In its execution change of covers was three-hour procedure on the penetrating wind with involvement of all public, including the dogs living on the parking. One child managed to have a sleep in a carriage and to wake up, the second - to freeze and get hungry. Only emptying from the car of the earth and stirring of rugs took hour of time. Withdrawal of garbage from back glass and between forward seats. Then all had to arm with brushes and continue to remove sand and the earth.

My shy offers to go on a sink and to order something like a dry-cleaner of salon or at least the vacuum cleaner were met by lion`s roar. “Yes that I, - rattled the husband, - entrusted cleaning to someone, except myself! All of them do carelessly! It is necessary to pay for it! You know how it costs much?“ By the way, next day I called mother and learned how many it costs. It costs the sum which the husband daily spends for a lunch in the cheap dining room. And on time takes fifteen minutes. Instead of three hours of a makhaniye a brush. By the way, the part of the earth and dust in the car all the same remained. Because I clean a car carelessly too.

When business reached covers, my enthusiasm ran low. I already hundred times regretted that I presented to the husband these foolish covers. We with children wandered about the parking, absolutely frozen. Local dogs us with pleasure of an oblaivala. Seventy four hooks which should have been clung somehow the friend for the friend and for covers were applied to covers. Then I half an hour more got a pin the missed elastic band in a cover on which it was necessary to hook for a hook. Then fought against head restraints. Then understood that new rugs in the car as one of them was so dirtied by lubricating oil that it had to be thrown out will be my following gift. Then raked up children and left to be heated and drink coffee in the next little shop...

The husband did not notice anything. He lovingly inspected seats, gently muttered something in the gear shifting handle, waved a brush and in general was happy to a chrezvychaynost. Covers for head restraints did not fit head restraints, and the husband carefully packed any garbage into pillowcases. Three stylish small pillows turned out, and the delight of the husband was deification to an invention with covers.

Everything came to an end well. We went to restaurant and have supper. Noted new covers. Children did not catch a cold and did not get sick, I did not get a nervous tic. Perhaps not to give new rugs for a car? You never know, what at the husband connected with rugs, rituals?