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How to have a good time to old men in seventy years? The small short story

Comes back home Serega from shop. Comes into the apartment and at once feels: that - that not so! Boots in a corridor are scattered, the lamp lamp shade broken somewhere heart-rendingly shouts a cat Matvei. There is enough Sereg on a staircase, at a door, the piece of a pipe (to it recently the bathroom equipment was changed) and is quietly stolen in the dwelling. Goes to one room. Slightly opens a door. Sees: in the middle of the room chairs roll, the floor lamp is overturned, from povykinuta thing cases, the flower is dumped from a window sill and helplessly lies on a floor. From a small case for linen miaow is distributed. The Serega approaches a case, opens, and from there his cat - Matvei - as will jump! Shmyk in a room corner. There rose nearly on hinder legs, showed the teeth and mad eyes on Seregu looks, pupils rotates. To fight it is ready, type.

The Serega stunned more strong squeezes a pipe and makes the way through a corridor to other room. The door is closed. It her shoulder powerful knocks out and flies to the room with a pipe atilt. Picture: in one chair, puffing and being answerable, his granny of seventy years old, and in another his seventy-five-year-old grandfather sits. Both were out of breath, both with red faces, hardly breathe through both the mouth and a nose, hold heart, hair are tousled, groan, snuffle and through grunting laugh slightly.

- What here occurred - that?! - cries out Serega. - Us what, robbed while I went to shop?!

the Granny otfyrkatsya, recovered the breath and Serege whispers:

- Yes not - e - t, Cera - e - - n - everything at us is good. Cool it! Nobody plundered us.

- Yes that then, oh, damn, there was for these half an hour while I in shop chapat?! - Serega was not appeased.

- Well, Serezhenka, - coyly the granny, &ndash shrank; we decided the childhood to remember with your grandfather here. Well Well, as in the village, sixty years ago Decided to play pranks. Here also played, a bit, tag...

The Sereg was slightly opened by a mouth from surprise.

- It did not catch up with me! - the elderly woman concluded with pride and pointed to the grandfather.

Become stupid Serega lowered, a heavy pipe. The grandfather with the grandmother continued to giggle joyfully and at the same time fatly to rattle. In the neighboring room continued with horror in a voice to mew a cat Matvei.