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New year: how to diversify “never-ending“ holidays?

New year - one of the brightest and expected holidays in our country. Well, as, fires, gifts, pleasant fires and jewelry, the people on the street becomes kinder in the eyes. … And in soul a holiday. Also it seems that they are neskonchayema - as if the holiday positive lodged here forever. It of course is fine how this holiday influences our country. The truth … badly is sometimes remembered this holiday. As at us was in “Show Russian salad“: “What at us was yesterday? - Yesterday was from the first on the tenth. The first days of this year are somehow greased, mixed with with each other. It is not clear that when and where all - happened. That days did not turn in joyfully - not clear porridge it is necessary to think up for himself several interesting cases *).

the Website about a hobby

Do favorite thing for which you lacked time long ago. Master 3d graphics, make own website on your interests: make the website of the photos (your beautiful photos or your photoworks), the website devoted to the favourite musician or the actor on favourite game or on knitting a hook. Be engaged in Fotoiskusstvo`s

in the photo. This very fascinating occupation. Soon you very much will like to jump on snow behind the best review and to admire blades in snow or a winter decline . And quality of the camera is not important, originality and an interesnost of photos not always depends on it. The most exclusive photos are created sometimes by means of old “soap trays“.

Joining this type of the modern art, you will interestingly spend time, and also will keep pleasant memories of New Year`s days off except the TV screen *).

moves Sport the world!

I is the truth. Nothing gives such charge of positive emotions as a fulling in snow, “drawing“ of angels, hares, fir-trees and other New Year`s pleasures of life, game in snowballs or skating and skis. Stay children, fool about in plenty! Snow games are so fascinating that not to play a sin them! Cheerful to you snow entertainments!

the Amicable sit-round gathering

Invite to yourself friends and watch with them the movie or play some game. It can be both checkers, and a backgammon, “Twistor“ or “Mafia“. Or just communicate, remember all cheerful and surprising that happened to you and evening will be very interesting and saturated. we Will dance


you wanted to take dancing classes long ago, but all in any way? It is fine case to begin, the beginning of year as - in any way). Begin to dance, it is so healthy! Present: the smooth movements of the Vienna waltz, incendiary tango, bewitching oriental dances or impudent hip - hop and R &B!Ñòîèò to try, whether a lie? Believe, it is worth * it).

Singing. Again on a friendly sit-round gathering you sang

as a drunk rooster or somewhere about that? It is excellent incentive to learn to sing! Now there are a lot of training options: singing studios, courses, private teachers are teachers of conservatories, musical schools or just music schools. The author herself is engaged in singing as serious hobby that the inexpressible pleasure ** brings to her)))) Sing with us, sing!

House pleasures.

What you wanted to make at home long ago? To rearrange furniture, to add decorative elements (besides, such moment as the beginning of new year - the best time for such fulfillments). Or can you long ago you dream to roll about in a bathroom with chocolate (in a hand and in bath foam *)) re-reading the favourite book or reading that book which you dream to read even since spring or summer? Or to make that cake which recipe you then so successfully got? Then forward! Make it now! Do not postpone the dreams! Stop shelving, at last! Believe, it very much it to be pleasant to you.

Drawing. you are able to draw

? Really you never wanted to represent the hands all that beauty which you see behind a car window or just on city streets? Then try to learn to draw. Quite interesting occupation, especially for fans. To create beauty the hands - very difficult and labor-consuming occupation, but it is worth it! This occupation provides extraordinary elation: and joyful emotions from which there is a wish to live. remember

I, he who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill. Life it one, but it is worth it that it to live, inhale each its moment. Dare and be happy!