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Quarantine of aquarian fishes

Many beginning aquarians, getting in pet-shop or in a poultry market of aquarian fishes, do not even suspect what harm they can do to the aquarium, having bought new fishes already sick. Our several councils will help you to avoid consequences of infection of your house reservoir, having applied quarantine to aquarian fishes.

For what needs quarantine?

for anybody not a secret that a large number of aquarian fish is brought for sale to our country because of border. Fish from the countries of Asia (Singapore, Thailand and China) often appears in our pet-shops directly from fish breeding farms which reservoirs are under the open sky, without having passed preliminary processing from parasites. For this purpose that quarantine of aquarian fishes is also necessary. whether All fish to quarantine


Exist firms in our country receiving aquarian small fishes from the countries of Asia which apply previously quarantine of aquarian fishes on again brought party. But many firms send the arrived goods over the country as is. And even the skilled aquarian by eye will be able to define not everyone whether the small fish floating in an aquarium at the seller is healthy. Small fishes can look several weeks beautiful and active, but after a while become sluggish and thin and lose the former brightness of coloring, on it, getting the new inhabitant for your house reservoir, surely carry out quarantine for it.

As is correct to carry out quarantine?

Exist several ways as it is correct to carry out quarantine of aquarian fishes . Most idle time I will give one of them further.

1. The reservoir for quarantine has to be without soil.

2. You feed fishes during quarantine on a nemnoga without overfeeding.

3. For prevention add to a quarantine aquarium methylene blue at the rate of 5 ml. on 20 liters of water.

4. Add table salt 1 tablespoon on 15 liters (to koridorasa table salt is contraindicated to somika).

5. You watch behavior and a cover of fish not less than two weeks.

6. If in two weeks the bought small fish feels also vigorously and well eats and perfectly floats, safely replace her in the general aquarium.

7. If changes nevertheless took place, then apply to such small fish already treatment methods proceeding from the shown symptoms. Here you also learned

in what look often it is possible to buy aquarian fishes, and, taking our advices on carrying out quarantine for aquarian fishes you will avoid unpleasant consequences and do not allow a disease of inhabitants of your aquarian economy.