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Hollywood film cliches. You know what now will be? Part 2

In the first part of article we began conversation on movies in which cartridges never come to an end, cars are not started at midpoint, and villains before destroying the main character, like to carry on vast talk on the artful plans.

16. Explosion behind the back. does not need to be afraid. Will not carry away you to hell a blast wave, will not fill up completely with chips and stones, will not wound splinters. If the main character knows where and when there is an explosion, it is enough to it to turn and, having highly raised the head, to move towards from it to a chamber. The person has to be at the same time the most courageous and serious. It to you not hukhra - mukhra, is a shot for a poster. “Desperado“, “Born`s Identification“, “Truthful lie“.

17. Thunder and lightning. At cinema the speed of a sound is so big that the lightning stroke coincides with a thunder sound. Do not argue. So it is necessary for greater effect. “Back in the future“ - a typical example.

18. Evident materials. the Highest degree of madness of any maniac, serial murderer or just the madman spying upon neighbors (“A photo for an hour“) is, as a rule, expressed in a huge number of various newspaper and journal cuttings and photos of future victims. To facilitate work as the cine police officer, all these materials are carefully stuck on a wall of the secret room, signed with a marker and supplied with indexes. Plus a necessary dose of the menacing inscriptions (sometimes written by blood). “Fan“, “Impregnable“, “Seven“.

19. Countdown. And in general it is very convenient. It is strange that in same “The Hurt Locker“ did not guess. It is much simpler to neutralize a bomb if it is equipped with the large timer with the bright, big figures showing how many time remained before explosion. However, often the last minute lasts seconds 300. That the main character at last was defined what conductings to cut - blue or red. “Die Hard 3“, “The deadly weapon 3“, “Without the person“.

20. Girls from “society“. If on the action course heroes get to a police station, then be sure, in a shot there will be at least one prostitute who is patiently expecting registration. In 2 their cases 3 it still can try to make eyes or make scandal. “Police officer“, “The deadly weapon“, “Robocop“ etc.

21. On one, children. the Main character can get into the real troubles. One against all. But the number of opponents is almost unimportant. All the matter is that all of them will equally attack one by one or couples. Otherwise it is inconvenient to hero to beat off. To attack crowd and to zapinat? Somehow did not come to mind. “Opposition“ with Jet Li, any movie with Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris or Jason Statham`s participation.

22. On the fan - Shuya. Earth is in danger. Space cruisers and starprobe vehicles surround the blue planet from all directions, coming nearer inevitably and inevitably. And IN PARALLEL friend friend. As if all space is ruled as the first grader`s notebook. Here to you and three-dimensional space. Fly where you want, the main thing do not descend from a track. Any tape about space letalka.

23. To you mail! the Notice of the entering message steadily appears in the form of a huge envelope with the inscription “To You Letter“. Sometimes is followed by the vigorous and irritating voice. Existence of the post program or included in the Internet - connections is not required. “Mission is impracticable“ and “To you the letter“ with Mag Ryan and Tom Hanks.

24. To alcoholism fight! Alcoholism at cinema is not an illness, but a state of mind at all. Therefore if it is necessary, hard drinking fast stops and later a couple of hours the just shaved alcoholic is already ready to save the world, to be a good father and the faithful husband. “Independence Day“, “The last Samurai“ and so forth

25. A bomb on wheels. to All drivers on a note. If long and persistently and, above all to shoot from any standard weapon on the car straight, it will surely explode. It is not obligatory to aim at a gasoline tank, sometimes there are enough hits to the area of the engine or a luggage carrier. As the counter will lay down. It is tested in the uncountable number of fighters.

26. Travel in time. Well, an invention not bad and often used. What it is simpler than, got into a time machine and waved in the past. Or in the future. And only the rare traveler thinks of consequences of the “innocent“ movements in a temporary continuum. With usually similar questions the head to the viewer is not overloaded. The Universe itself deals with a set of clones of the main character in various eras. “Terminator 2“, “Donnie Darko“ and trilogy “Back in the Future“.

27. Ugly duckling . Eternal history of transformation of the ugly creature into the beauty. Or the freak in the handsome. And one from another, as a rule, separates several parameters: a strange manner to put on in a tatter or tasteless dresses, points in a horn frame, hair a bunch and some cosmetic flaws. It is enough to change clothes, make up and let hair down. “Princess Diaries“, “Beauty is not happiness“ (all the same did not leave), “Ms. Kongenialnost“.

28. Falling in water. At cinema laws of physics are other laws. Not that in real life. Therefore falling from any height in water, whether it be the small river or the pool, almost safely. The main thing to emerge before the air reserve comes to an end. The blow about water of very few people disturbs. That case when below it is necessary to start up subtitlings “Do not repeat this trick. Include a brain“. “Harley Davidson and cowboy Malboro“, “Bad guys“, “Police history“, “The deadly weapon 2“.

29. We will talk? the Most irritating and stupid stamp from all. It when to the villain is possible to trap the main character then he, having lost vigilance, begins to tell long and tiresomely him about the artful plans. All this time the hero tries to escape from a trap, eventually, at it it turns out and it stops a monologue a well-aimed shot or in firm blow in a jaw. “Silence - gold“.

30. Problems with ignition. you escape from bandits? You run from spiteful zombies? You are pursued by the maniac with a machete? It does not matter, it is not necessary to stamp on foot, you have a car. Keys, as usual, or in the ignition lock, or from above on a peak. The most interesting ahead. Because the car is not started. It is not GOT. You can even not try to no purpose. It will be brought only to the latest moment when the subject pursuing you already practically breathes to you in a nape. “The Texas slaughter by the chiansaw“, “Back in the future“, “28 days later“.

31. I give up, give up … the Pursuit is finished. The villain is prostrate. Also it is disarmed. The relaxed hero does not wait for a dirty trick any more. And in vain. It is more than once proved, these bastards at cinema constantly have an unpleasant surprise in the form of the secret gun or a knife. You should not go woolgathering. “Bad guys“, “A red heat“, “Patriot“.

Alas, today it is almost impossible to shoot completely original film. Many authors often do not even suspect that they copy someone`s ideas. But we against various film figures intentionally duplicated others finds, giving them for the, or repeated others nonsenses. However, the present viewer ignores not a miss and similar cheap “creativity“ too.