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Hollywood film cliches. You know what now will be?. Part 1

As often when viewing the next Hollywood blockbuster at us arises feeling of a deja vu? Feeling that we already somewhere once saw this scene? Or this subject course? Anything surprising. Screenwriters quite often use finds of the colleagues from shop. Some so are fond of loan process that they cannot stop any more. As a result on screens the pictures representing a continuous stamp get. Here small list of the most widespread film cliches of Hollywood:

1. Cellular communication - Operation of mobile phones depends not on existence of a stable relation in this concrete point of the Universe, and on imagination of screenwriters. As a rule, cellular sharply cease to catch a signal while it is necessary on a plot - if the monster (“Dzhipers Kripers“) or a gang of mad psychopaths - cannibals pursues you (“Turn not there“).

2. The Mexican dead end / Stalemate (Mexican Stand - off) - Tarantino Introduced into circulation and Rodriguez, cine reception since then for a long time became a barefaced stamp. The heap to the people in the closed space, everyone aims in everyone and all are afraid even to move. As usual, the discharge of the conflict comes at the moment when in kitchen Conchita incidentally drops something fragile on a floor. “Reservoir Dogs“, “True love“, third “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea“ and still whole abyss of movies.

3. A last breath of the villain - the Real maniac - the murderer never dies at once. He patiently bleeds profusely, brains and other liquids waiting when the main character is selected closer. And at that very moment, when all of us already finally believed in his death … ŔŔŔŔŔŔŔŔŔŔŔŔ! It suddenly throws up a hand in a vain attempt to strike the last blow. Then finally dies that in full health to return in continuation. “Terminator“, “Shout“, “A fatal inclination“ and all movies of the Friday, 13 - E series.

4. Superabilities. Cinema - the magic country. And even intellectually sick people at cinema have chance to stand out from the crowd. So if at you barmy, do not despair. You or perfectly play table tennis (“Forest Gump“), or remember on the fly the phonebook (“Rain man“), or masterly execute flight of a bumblebee (“Gloss“). However, some of these unique persons existed in reality, the cinema only adds paints to a picture of their life.

5. Hacking of the computer. Is not present, I of course not the expert. Perhaps, process really does not take a lot of time, especially if near at hand the necessary login and the password. However in movies to you rather severely to shift eyebrows, to knock persistently on keys and... voila! The operating system does not matter. And even its absence. “Matrix“, “Password: Fish - a sword“ and any movie where hackers and computers appear more than two minutes of screen time in a story.

6. Carefully, doors are closed. the Insinuating female voice not always says this phrase before finally shutting doors before your nose. However some pushful persons constantly manage to slip at the last minute. Both in the subway, and at cinema. Especially Harrison Ford is famous for it. As as Han Solo from “Star wars“, and in image all favourite Indiana Jones. Yes, by the way, if all of you - were not in time, then, alas, it not the subway, the following train will not be and most likely to you will come kayuk soon.

7. The boss - the villain. He is your spiritual mentor. The pastor and the teacher in one person. Even if he did not teach you to everything that you know, he precisely helped you with advance on an office ladder, or just took to himself under the aegis. That then it is perfidious to betray, substitute or even to kill. Alas, your chief was the most important villain. Already every time. “Mission is impracticable“, “Dissenting opinion“, “Secrets of Los - Andzheles“.

8. The former spouses it is in danger. What best of all unites women and men? Correctly, common interests, subjects for conversation, love, a wedding, marriage at last. And if it is about ex-husbands and wives? Again only the general enemy will help to stick together the broken cup. It is possible to be on friendly terms simply, and it is possible against someone. At least, when bullets whistle over the head, about mutual offenses it is possible and to forget for a while. “Die Hard“, “Chasm“, “Jurassic Park 3“.

9. Bad guys are not able to shoot. Examples? Only manage to bend fingers. “Kommando“, “Rambo“ (everything), “Star wars“. Any Hollywood fighter. If villains shoot straight - it means not the fighter. It is the drama. Or real life.

10. Installation of success. serious test is necessary to the Main character. It can be a theatrical performance, a dancing competition, sports competition or even fight for a rank of the world champion in heavy weight. Yes, it is possible to devote several series to heavy trainings, failures, failures. To demonstrate as future champion by the own sweat and blood earns the title. But for the sake of it installation, the truth also thought up? 3 minutes of effective scenes - the first 1,5 at the hero turn out not everyone, but in an ending he will overtake wind and will arrange the teacher in no time. “Rocca“, “The guy - the karateka“, “Kickboxer“, “Not to recede and not to be given“, “A love virus“ and many others.

11. Angry chief. This known stamp is quite often beaten in numerous parodies to police movies. In each cine police station there is the star or stars. And spiteful, constantly shouting, but at the same time fair, chief from whose cavils these “stars“ unfairly suffer. “The deadly weapon“, “The police officer from Beverley - hills“, “A red heat“, “48 hours“, “Night hawks“ and so forth

12. Eiffel Tower.

it is not obligatory for b to be the Frenchman to see the well-known Eiffel Tower. Even it is not necessary to go to France. Take a disk with any the movie about Paris. “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra“? “Armageddon“? “Hostage“? “Ratatouille“? In any of them the tower will be clearly. Too most concerns all foreign movies about Russia and Moscow. Panoramny Drive on Red Square and domes of the Kremlin is provided to you.

13. My blue friend. Strange tendency. For some reason if in the movie the trembling friendship of the man and woman, then in 8 of 10 cases, it - blue is represented. “Bridget Jones`s Diary“, “Wedding of my best friend“ and almost “Chuck and Larry: Fire wedding“. And here men in friends of lesbians are never given. Gender discrimination?

14. A blanket up to a throat. It is already even not ridiculous. At cinema, of course, there have to be conventions, but not to the same degree. Typical morning scene. He and she in a bed (whether there was a night rough or quiet, it is unimportant). Regardless of an occupation - the breakfast or just lovely conversation, the girl ALWAYS tightens the cover to the armpits that God forbid the viewer did not see intimate. As they say, wait for so popular scene in soul. Or dream on health.

15. Belongings just right. In view of various circumstances, to our heroes it is necessary to change clothes several times on the movie course. As a rule, to disappear from prosecution, to get lost in crowd or to become ““ for some time. Whether it is possible to consider as happy coincidence the fact that in most cases the things stolen or removed from the passerby fit the hero? But the improper size of footwear - on the contrary, it becomes frequent a subject of separate jokes (“Big walk“ or “Die Hard“).

Be continued.