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The curling wild strawberry. Whether there is this miracle actually?

the Last several years on pages of the periodicals which are specializing on sadovo - market-gardening subject and even non-core, but published big circulations, appear advertizing of “the curling wild strawberry“. On the effective and bright picture smart strawberry “pyramid“ which is covered a set of ripe large berries, ovaries and flowers is represented.

The advertizing of this surprising plant bewitching the Russian summer residents claims that it is the certain remontantny and frost-resistant grade of wild strawberry capable “to curl as a grapevine“ and to bring a berry harvest from June to October and, besides, grow not only in a garden, but also on balconies in boxes or suspended vases.

We will be exact: advertizing of this of “the wonderful curling wild strawberry“ looked so till this year. In the come season the description of a “outstanding“ grade changed a little. Now in advertizing it is about somebody a grade, “which is considered the best curling wild strawberry in the world“. This berry bush, allegedly, forms and starts up “ekstradlinny“ strong short moustaches which clings to fences, lattices and lanes, creeping on height of 1,5 meters.

In this season the cost of five saplings of “the curling wild strawberry“ - 650 rubles, ten - 950 rubles. It is necessary to pay for the parcel sent by cash on delivery directly by mail.

It is necessary to tell that changes in the advertisement of it of “the curling miracle“ from the moment of its first emergence in the press happened more than once. The price of saplings, the text and even the picture of “a strawberry pyramid“ were exposed to adjustment.

The firms offering services in post sending saplings of “the curling wild strawberry“ and names of the cities with the indication of their post office boxes (Kursk, Belgorod, Smolensk) changed. Invariable was only one: many Russian summer residents and gardeners annually became participants of this huge scam created a few years ago. Well how not to be flattered on such beloved beauty? It is simply impossible to resist. Especially if such advertizing is placed in reputable gardening magazine or in the Argumenty I Fakty weekly with a circulation about 3 million copies.

So summer residents in a long-awaited parcel receive? In most cases - the dried strawberry seedling which, alas, does not give in to reanimation.

It is possible to quote “victims“ long: “Garbage... Herbarium... Manure...“. The sent landing material extremely seldom was viable and that is conditional. As a rule, the seedling, after several weeks of pathetic existence, perished, without having managed to please the owner or the hostess with the curling beauty (to be exact - managed to afflict her with absence).

The matter is that skilled gardeners and experts also do not cease to repeat: any grade of wild strawberry cannot curl. This berry plant has for this purpose neither suckers, nor special short moustaches.

Yes, there is an experience of cultivation of some hybrids and grades of garden wild strawberry in a “vertical“ form. It is about the wild strawberry capable to fructify on not implanted sockets due to food through a mustache from a maternal plant. If to tie up these growing moustaches to a lane, then there is a feeling that the wild strawberry curls. But it is pure illusion and no more than that.

It is necessary to put an end to a lawlessness of this strawberry scam which victims become, generally our rather poor trustful pensioners trusting the printing word. Well, for now - wishes to all summer residents: “Do not give in to newspaper advertizing and do not give themselves to swindle. The colourful advertizing picture - no other than the installation made in a photoshop. The curling wild strawberry in the nature does not exist “.