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How to cultivate in itself confidence?

By the nature of the activity, I communicate with a huge number of people, and for a long time noticed that successful, financially successful men strongly differ (therefore it is very easy to notice them, visually to allocate from crowd) from ordinary average people.

Also they differ not in external, namely internal contents, the thinking, a high self-assessment, self-confidence and the forces.

This self-confidence (more true, itself - confidence) is shown literally in everything - as the person looks what clothes prefers to wear as it moves and gesticulates as as speaks, with whom he most often communicates …,

Give on examples it is comparable a manner of behavior of the self-assured person and a manner of the behavior doubting itself.

Self-assured the person arrives as he considers it necessary regardless of the fact that people around will think about it.

Doubting the person often follows the tastes of others, it is so easier for it to live.

The one who is sure by of himself is ready to risk and take the responsibility and additional duties.

The one who always doubts (first of all, himself) does not hurry to do it, being afraid to leave the zone of comfort and being afraid to make even an insignificant mistake.

Assured in himself the person openly recognizes the mistakes and continues advance, and cowardly in every possible way tries to hide them.

Assured the person is always ready to express gratitude to other person, to praise him for achievements, doubting waits for a praise from other people and seeks to expose the advantages on display.

Think, compare with what of the listed qualities you possess and the people surrounding you? As we understand

now, a low self-assessment affects people perniciously, forcing them to occupy supporting roles in life and to depend on will of a case.

People, self-assured, are more optimistical, they for 100 percent are sure of the opportunities and therefore enjoy life to the full the best.

As well as any other skill, confidence it is possible to bring up (to grow) in itself.

Of course, it does not become in a day or two. And nevertheless, constantly training this quality, you will soon see dramatic changes in the life.

I warn ashore, do not wait for fast results, be adjusted for serious internal work. Anyway, in itself it is necessary to fight for this quality! we Will begin

with simple

Several receptions which will help you to correct the self-assessment and level of self-confidence:

1) Write out on a single sheet of paper all the strengths : abilities and talents, progress, results and achievements in all spheres of life, your hobbies and hobbies.

Beautifully issue this “certificate of appreciation“ to yourself and hang up it on a foreground. To you by the right is what to be proud!

2) Stop any negative thoughts of yourself, do not allow them to undermine your self-confidence. Think of yourself as about the winner .

This reception are used by professional athletes who constantly visualize the success

3) Develop and get new knowledge and skills which are necessary to you for advance. Find good training courses, be not content with mediocre superficial knowledge

Carrying out these simple exercises, you will notice how literally your self-confidence in the eyes grows, it entirely is based on your actual advantages and achievements.

Also you remember that the person who sets to himself the purpose can reach it and can not reach. The person who does not set to himself the purpose will never reach it.

The choice only for you!