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How to call firm? Recommendations at the choice of the name

statistically, 95% of businesses cease to exist within the first year of life. And rather often the difference between “sunk“ and “survived“ consists in some insignificant trifles, for example, in the successful name of the company.

To help you with the choice of the name which will work for success of all enterprise I formulated ten simple recommendations.

1. Be laconic

The the name of your company is shorter, the easier it is remembered. It is much simpler to write the small name and the domain name accompanying it without mistakes or to hand down.

It is also possible to consider option of the abbreviated name, but be careful - if there are no obvious and memorable inserts in reduction use, then reduction can make your name too abstract.

2. Think of the potential clients

Try to think up the name which will resound with your target audience for the company. Use that you know about future clients to measure the importance of any names selected by you.

3. Whether study competitors

you Know how the companies which already work at your market are called? Make the list of the companies - competitors and attentively study their names “to light“ own ideas and to think up the name which will be valid to be selected against all others.

4. Create something special

do not forget about the value of the name which is completely unique (as, for example, Kodak or “Vimm - the Bill - Dunn“). Not only that the similar name can make your business unforgettable, but it also increases probability to leave an own mark in the history of business.

5. Use dictionaries

during brainstorming is useful to address dictionaries thanks to which it is possible to receive necessary inspiration. Use the thesaurus, and also foreign dictionaries of special lexicon, and still a quantity of original names is guaranteed to you.

6. Do not limit yourself

If you chose a name which reflects the sphere of your future activity, it can limit you in the further choice of the directions for business development.

Sometimes makes sense to choose more generalized name, thus you will have an additional space for maneuver or creation of an umbrella brand.

7. Look at the name from all directions

Think of how the name of firm will fit into daily activity of your business and that it will force others to think and feel. Be convinced that you it is aware of all possible associations, both positive, and negative which will arise at the mention of your name.

8. Glance in the future

the Name of the company is the base of future brand. Pick up domain names for the names which are thought up by you, try to visualize future logo, reflect on company flowers of your company, present how it will be watched on TV or on billboards, and look how harmonious the general feeling from the events is.

9. Organize feedback

After you think up several names for the company, ask friends, relatives, colleagues and potential clients (if it is possible) about their first impression what associations at them appear when they hear such name. Listen to their offers and remarks. After that consider still time and try to pick up the name, considering criticism.

10. The main thing - not to hurry

Postpone the final list of names per day - two and then return to it with a new view. Thus, you will be able to look at names which were pleasant to you before in a new way. Having allowed to be stood by the working list with names, you will be able to refuse frankly weak options and to choose from available for you something really standing.

By means of these simple councils you will pick up the worthy name for the undertaking which will sound not just pleasantly, but also to work for prestige of all organization.