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Modern American burma. Whether is at these cats of a problem with health?

will not even come to Any of manufacturers or owners of burmansky cats of modern type in the United States to mind to ask this question. Owners have no problems with health modern burm. Their cats live long and full-fledged healthy life, every day pleasing the owners. Unfortunately, the unhealthy competition from some of manufacturers of other types burm sometimes develops also into speculation on health burm modern type. Whether there is a sense to pay attention to this speculation? Let`s look...

We will carry out comparison of genetic problems with health on the basis of the given the website FAB and other materials.

Modern American burma are free from an illness of Gangliosidosis GM2 characteristic of some lines European burm. It is the serious hereditary illness which is shown in the progressing loss of coordination of movements of a kitten and bringing in a result to his death. Develops at the age of about three months, i.e. after transfer of a kitten to the owner.

Modern American burma are not predisposed to a disease of diabetes 2 - go type. Some lines European burm from Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand have the increased risk of a disease of this dreadful disease. The illness develops with age already at adult animals. Without intensive treatment, and in hard cases, without daily introduction of insulin the cat perishes.

Modern American burma are not predisposed to need of carrying out Cesarean section at childbirth. According to the researches Susan Little, DVM the European burma have more than by 10 times high risk of Cesarean section.

Modern American burma are free from the illness of Lipaemia of the aqueous humour which is shown in short-term emergence of dairy inclusions in eyes and found only in the European burm.

Modern American burma have no high risk of a disease of other genetic diseases. There are no researches confirming higher predisposition modern American burm to other hereditary diseases.

Modern American burma are gene carriers cherepno - a front mutation (HD). The carriage of this gene does not influence health of kittens and adult animals of modern American type in any way.

Several additional words should be told about the last from the mentioned problems - the majority of speculation and conjectures among manufacturers and owners is connected with it. Representatives of lines modern American burm can, but also it is not obligatory, to be gene carriers cherepno - a front mutation (HD). The carriage of this gene cannot be determined visually or by any clinical signs for this reason in the USA many years works on development of a genetic test for HD gene carriage are conducted.

The buyer who thought of acquisition of a modern American burma should remember that:

HD gene Carriers differ in nothing on health from burm other lines. Buying a kitten of a modern American burma, you can be sure that to receive risk of a kitten with a genetic disease is minimum, and even on average it is less, than at burm other types.

the Carriage of a gene of HD influences only percent of survival of kittens in a dung from two carriers - on average 25% of kittens of such parents have cherepno - front defect and are lulled at the birth.

Taking into account the aforesaid, the potential carriage of a gene of HD is a problem only of manufacturers of a modern American burma. Owners modern American burm receive upon purchase of completely healthy kitten.

So, getting a burma of modern American type, in exchange for on anything not influencing fact of a potential carriage of a gene of HD, you receive completely healthy animal of whom you dreamed - with the head of rounded shapes, a short roundish muzzle and with the huge roundish widely put eyes, with a doll look and with tremendous, truly burmansky temperament.

Good luck to you in the choice of the burma!

I if it is a modern American burma - you will not be disappointed!