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Copywriting secrets. How to write texts that material was not only it is easy for understanding, but also is interesting. Part 3.

I Continue a series of the articles devoted to the subject “as it is clear to explain anything in article“. By the way it is the principles it is possible to use and for the oral narration, thereby increasing the efficiency.


to transfer any difficult, pseudoscientific unfamiliar things, it is better than “for dispersal“ to begin the story with something close and clear to readers . You should not shower with scientific and intricate terms at once.

Here two texts for comparison ( Joseph M. Williams “Style. Ten advice to the beginning authors“). What of them will seem to you more available to understanding?

Option 1. “Managing directors of a squirrel - aktin, a myosin, tropomiozin and tropinin - form a sarkomer, the basic element which is responsible for reduction of muscles“.

Option 2 . “The basic element which is responsible for reduction of muscles is a sarkomer. It is formed of the operating proteins - an aktin, a myosin, a tropomiozin and a tropinin“.

the Second option everything is easier is perceived. And it because in the first we to a descent would “get the idea“ of an impassable jungle of medical terminology, and in the second gradually would be sent to it, having begun with more clear and simple things.

Application of the principle 3.

As this principle can be applied when writing article? Let`s return to material for our future financiers. It is possible to present one of coefficients, having begun so:

“One more useful coefficient is P/E (price to earnings). It pays off as the relation of market price of a stock of the enterprise to the income of one action. The coefficient shows, for how many years the company will be able to pay back profit the price of the actions“.

Is good

! And if all of us - present thus:

“One more useful coefficient is P/E (price to earnings). He allows us to learn how many years are required to the company to pay back the current cost of all the actions. This term pays off as the relation of market price of a stock of the enterprise to the income of one action“.

These examples show that if readers at first are given the main part which gives the chance to grasp a “universal“ essence, then then mathematical formulas and economic terms become less terrible in judgment.

We will sum up the results of this material from 3 parts.

Were considered 3 PRINCIPLES of supply of material for different writing of articles and texts.

1 PRINCIPLE - information moves by a pyramid method - from the general to the particular, detailed. the PRINCIPLE - for deduction of interest to begin with

2 writing of the texts with the review of problems, opportunities, reader`s tasks.

3 the PRINCIPLE - if information contains scientific and difficult data, it is necessary to begin with simple things, available to understanding.

I hope that also as well as me this material will be useful to you to its use when writing the texts and articles, and for someone it possibly will be estimated and is material.

I wish successful and interesting articles!

P. S. In the following materials from the Copywriting Secrets series, I want to touch upon a subject of writing of the selling texts. There is a wish to note at once that for their writing certain formulas and templates are used and if to seize them, then this “science“ is already perceived much more simply and more well.

P. S. S. And still that important: A copywriting - one of business engines!

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