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Ball Spark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus)

of the Ball Spark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus)

of the Ball Spark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus), it is also known under names spark to a ball, spark balantiokheylus, spark barbus. Mirnyi, gregarious fishes of group Karpoobrazny (Cypriniformes), families Karpovy (Cyprinidae). Fast, harmonious movements of a flock from 5 - 7 large individuals will not leave indifferent any aquarian. Spark Bala can grow

to 20 - 25 cm in length under favorable conditions. This look is the largest of family of barbus. Not predatory. Spark Bala of amazing beauty is known both to

for the endurance, and improbable gluttony.

the Trunk shines in the silvery color. The body spark to a ball extended, is quite squeezed from sides. There are no moustaches. Eyes very

large. Outside Barbus pokrt large silvery scales. Chest fins at a balantiokheylos colourless. Other fins also colourless or yellowish also have a wide black fringing. Males slightly more harmonously and more small than females. However at young fishes to define a sex of fish very difficult. Only during spawning we can distinguish a female from a male when at a female the stomach becomes roundish.

of Balantiokheilos melanopterus usually is on soil bliz, a skull digs soil as a boar, looks for food therefore in the form of soil only small sand is suitable for them. Balantiokheylusa`s

are very timid and almost any sharp movement can cause in them panic that sometimes leads to wounds from blows about a wall of an aquarium or a vyprygivaniya from a reservoir. Single contents results in aggression in relation to other types.

Life expectancy in an aquarium till 10 years. Puberty is reached at the age of 2 - 3 years.


Thailand, Malaysia, Kalimantan, Sumatra, Borneo, Laos.

Contents in the Alushtinsky Aquarium: They are omnivorous

, eat any live and artificial forages. It is periodically desirable to include vegetable forages (lettuce leaves, cucumbers etc.) in their diet. These fishes are capable to eat a forage both floating on a surface, and lying at the bottom. The aquarium has to be quite spacious 150 - 200 l, the closed cover that Bala Akuly did not jump out of it.

Temperature in an aquarium can fluctuate within 22 - 28 degrees Celsius, pH 6. 5 - 7. 5, gH 5 - 16.

To water parameters are almost not exacting. Nevertheless, the good filtration and weekly substitution of water up to 1/3 volume is necessary for good health Akulego Bala.

is the best of all to Make out an aquarium natural snags, stones and live plants. Plants need to be selected dense as they can be eaten around by gluttons - Bala. At the same time it is necessary to leave a lot of empty seat for swimming.