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What injuries trap kids in the summer?

Summer - the most favourite season at most of adults what there to speak about children at whom the summer is associated not only with heat and the sun, but also with vacation.

The summer is time of positive emotions. From good mood children begin to play more, to move more and to risk more. Therefore parents have to be always ready to help the kid if suddenly he gets some trauma. For this purpose it is necessary to be prepared and have to everything though idea in advance about what can happen to the baby and that in such situation to do.

of the Graze and cuts

the child, of course, can Be cut with

at all seasons of the year. But in hot months when on the kid at least of clothes which could him though a little to protect even the green leaf can cut gentle skin of the child. What to do if it was not succeeded to save the baby from a cut?

First of all, the wound needs to be washed out the cooled boiled water and to remove from it all foreign matters. Further by means of cotton wool it is necessary to process it 3% peroxide of hydrogen or weak solution of potassium permanganate. Then skin around a cut should be greased with iodine then to apply a bandage or to stick the wounded place with a bactericidal adhesive plaster. And not to forget to change every day a bandage!

When it is necessary to see a doctor?

If the kid was wounded with something rusty or it was not succeeded to wash out a wound completely;

if after a while after a trauma there was a pulsing pain;

if the person, edges lacerations suffered, bleeding does not stop in any way.

In these cases surgical processing of a wound and sometimes suture can be required.

head Bruises

on the street is not present in the Summer snow which could soften blow from falling, and the children`s head is not protected by a warm cap therefore any falling can bring to cherepno in the summer - a brain trauma.

If it happened, it is necessary to lay the kid in horizontal position on a plain surface and to put to his head any frozen product or a bag of ice from that party where a trauma. Even, at first sight, trifling bruises of the head can be much heavier, than seem therefore it is necessary to call the doctor and to tell him under what circumstances the child got this trauma.

The special attention should be paid to whether the kid had a vomiting, whether he fainted. If the doctor leaves the baby at home, so the trauma was not too serious, but for some time it will be necessary to switch over to the mode of quiet and peaceful games and to refuse better temporarily viewing of the TV and sitting at the computer.


Quite often running and frolicing children fall, having hooked for something or having just sprained a leg. If, having risen, they begin to limp, it means - sprain.

In that case it is possible to give to the child paracetamol or other anesthetic, to lay him and to try to give such situation that pain was minimum. For about 15 minutes it is necessary to put something cold to a sore point then to apply a dense bintovy bandage (usual bandage, from above elastic, atop - again usual and once again elastic). On a bandage to put ice again. In 2 - 3 days the bandage can be removed. But to active games it is better to come back not earlier, than in a week.

of the Callosity

Having played, kids do not pay attention to what something stirs them. But the close footwear, the slipped sock or the pebble which got to a sneaker imperceptibly can become the reason of emergence of a callosity which needs to be processed as soon as possible.

Prodezinfetsiruyte alcohol, cologne or vodka a needle and the formed bubble. This needle pierce a bubble, let out from it all liquid then, without cutting off the thin skin which remained from a bubble, you prizhgit a wound brilliant green. Paste from above a bactericidal plaster.

Stings of wasps and other insects

Stings of bumblebees, bees, wasps and other similar insects is much more unpleasant and more painful than

, than mosquito. The organism reacts an inflammation, hypostasis and pain in the bitten place to their stings. It is necessary to work quickly. By means of tweezers take a sting, it will reduce swelled. Moisten with hydrogen peroxide cotton wool and wipe with it the place of a sting. For removal of pain it is possible to put something cold.

Stings of dogs

After a dog sting on a body remain plentifully bleeding wounds with torn edges. They need to be washed out at once alcohol or peroxide of hydrogen and the pressing bandage to stop bleeding. If pain very strong, it is possible to put from above on a bandage a sack with ice. Having given the child first aid, hurry up to the doctor! Additional processing of a wound or suture can be required. Dog saliva sometimes contains a rage virus, in this case vaccination will be required. If from the moment of a sting there passed more than 3 days, it is necessary to complete a long course of injections.

the Solar burn

Here to an extra risk are subject to

red-haired and white-skinned kids. In a midland of Russia the most dangerous time - from 12 to 16 o`clock, in the south - from 10 to 16 o`clock. For prevention do not forget to use sunblock creams. Be guided by figures on packing: than the child is younger and the skin is lighter than him, the above there has to be a SPF (50 - 40) level. 30 also will be suitable for school age.

First aid in case of a burn is quite simple. Take away the child in a shadow, apply Olazol or Pantenol spray on an affected site and put on the clothes closing the burned place.

the Sunstroke

an overheat on the sun is much more dangerous than

To the child, than to the adult. Having been fond of game, he can badly feel at the latest moment. If the kid becomes pale, sluggish, feels nausea and a headache, immediately transfer him to a shadow, apply something cold to his head or a back site of a neck. Create an air flow around the child, brushing away it with a fan. Surely call the doctor.

If you in advance providently assemble the country first-aid kit, then at the critical moment all necessary means of first aid will appear at you near at hand.