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Billiards. How tables on which the whole fortunes are gambled away are created?

Billiards - sport special. On interest only laymans and fans play. Professionals on a game have serious money. On pages “Shkolyzhizni. ru“ there is a mention of a case when in billiards the state treasury was lost.

The main sports equipment of players - a table and a cue. In many respects depends on their quality who will get a big prize therefore each trifle is important.

It would seem - a table and a table. A plain surface on legs, anything difficult. But, it appears, it is not easier to make a good table, than a unique musical instrument. It is necessary to sustain precisely the geometrical sizes and to provide their stability for a long time.

The game field covered with cloth has to be steady and ideally equal, corners, billiard pockets and boards are adjusted to millimeter shares. At the heart of the field - a polished stone plate. In the world there are not much her producers: Brazil, China and Italy. The plate of the game field consists of five parts, each weighing 180 kilograms. At the same time admissible errors in sizes only 5 - 7 millimeters.

Requirements, at first sight unclear are imposed to cloth. For certain many noticed on a billiard table the white specks similar to traces of burns as though someone from players carelessly dropped the smoldering cigarette.

It is indeed burns, but smoking has no relation to them. The rotating sphere in the place of contact with a table can be warmed to 500 degrees. Temperature is quite sufficient that fabric lit up. Heat tolerance - one of requirements to cloth in view of which material is quite expensive.

Legs of a table, a tsarga and a board make of a tree and cover with several varnish coats. Way of a tree to varnishing remote. The very first stage - drying. Even with use of the modern drying equipment the raw materials - oak bars 6 centimeters thick - dry with a speed of 1 mm a day. It is easy to count that all process lasts two months. And it only beginning.

At the following stage bars saw and stick together preparations for table details. For example, on one leg can be required to fifty components. Such technology preserves legs from cracking and increases the term of their service.

The correct cue in hands of the skillful player - a half of success. Pros use workmen the cues made to order. The standard weight of a cue of 700 grams, but the difference in several gram is very essential to the skilled player.

Incorrectly made, badly balanced cue beats is inexact. The blow error invisible to the fan turns into an essential deviation from the set trajectory at a great distance.

The cost of the author`s tool reaches 1000 dollars, separate copies are 5 - 10 times more expensive. And matter not only in a prestigious brand or rich finishing by diamonds and sharkskin.

Observing all nuances of technology to make a cue quicker, than for half a year - year will not turn out. Each detail of the tool requires special wood. The hornbeam best of all is suitable for a shaft (a cue staff) and zapil (petals). Turnyak (the cue basis) carry out from exotic breeds - an amaranth, wenge, a black rosewood, Eben.

The raw materials carefully get out and dry about one year. The whetstones which came out drying again attentively check. Only one whetstone from two - three tens suits for thin part of a cue.

From the selected dried raw materials preparations of parts of a cue are turned, are adjusted and stick together. As a result - again preparation, but already for a cue entirely. It “has a complete rest“ not less than a month during which in wood all tension is shown. Then it is ground and again postponed for a month. All errors of preparation will not be found and eliminated yet, process can repeat 3 - 4 times. And only after that on a certain template the cue is turned.

But also it is not the end yet. Before the tool is brought to full readiness, it should “have a rest“ under supervision of experts again till 4 - 6 months. Only after that the cue will be ground manually, varnished or polished with mastic, will paste a slip on briskly. By the way, even its sizes make a reservation in the order to the tenth shares of millimeter.

What to do. The people who chose as the profession billiards are sensitive to each trifle!