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How to save on vacation in Anapa?

It is no secret that rest by the sea costs little at all not. Especially if to go with a family and to long term.

However is several simple councils which will help you to save your denyuzhka and it is fine to have a rest.

Who told that it is necessary to go to Anapa surely in August?! It is the peak of a season and the price are on the most top point! It is possible to have a rest not worse in June when still low and vacationers it is not enough the price, or at the end of August - beginning of September.

Can stop in the private sector: in the apartment “ on a turn-key basis “ the room or in the small guest house. And it will be significantly cheaper on comparison with hotel or sanatorium!

If you the tourist, then in general can stop in own tent or on the wild nature in the wildlife area “ Big Utrish “ on the seashore in a shadow of trees. Or in special autocampings in Vityazevo, Dzhemeta or Anapa. In a camping will provide you the space for tent and the car, a bonfire, a toilet and a shower. And all this will just cost kopeks!

When you come to any station to you will offer places at choice, with delivery in the private sector etc. You should not peck on it - there`s no such thing as a free lunch! Besides that from you then will take as for a taxi to the city and on the city, and from owners will take also percent from 10 to 40! So why to overpay - find and agree about the apartment in the private sector on the Internet.

At stations always the huge number of a taxi is. Here only using that the person wants to have a rest quicker after the road and does not know the local prices, taxi drivers zalamlivat such prices that it is just a shame to locals with them! In advance learn phones of firms of a taxi and learn the tariff - the economy will be in 200 - 500%!

Cream from and for suntan, it is better to buy bathing suits and swimming trunks, inflatable watercrafts in the central market or in the Northern market, but not on the way to the beach. Otherwise you will overpay to greedy sellers by 2 - 3 times again.

it is better for span to eat in dining rooms. They are, they are cheap, they normally prepare. Not really there is a lot of them, but they are. And when will say to you that, say, it is absent and go better to cafe, do not listen! Look in the downtown better and you will be able always to find such dining room. Why to look for? Made the prices of a lunch in the dining room in 2009 on 1 person from 100 rubles, and in cafe began from 200! Draw conclusions.

Here have some councils how to carry out rest. In councils there is nothing feasible or extraordinary! I follow them and thinking a little forward it is possible to have a rest perfectly in Anapa and to save the good sum. Where to spend it you will find, and to help and more it is possible to learn about Anapa to this address: rest - anapa. ru /