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Afrikansky Protopter (Protopterus annectens)

Protopter Afrikansky or Brown Protopter (Protopterus annectens) - quite large fish in the natural area of dwelling, can reach at the rate to 1 - 2 meters in length. Protopter Afrikansky belongs to the class of Bony fishes (Osteichthyes), group of Dvulegochnikoobrazny (Lepidosireniformes), families of ulegochnikovy (Lepidosirenidae). Protoptera live everywhere in the warm fresh-water rivers and reservoirs of Africa, are most widespread in the west of the continent and in the top Nile where fish call “Doko“.

Protopter Afrikansky`s Colour darkly - brown, to a tail becomes a little lighter and appears more roundish darkly - gray spots. The body is covered with small scales. From - for Afrikansky`s colourings a protopter also call Brown. Fishes very much resemble eels superficially, but by the sizes grow more and a trunk and are more fat than them. Chest and belly fins are replaced long, squeezed from sides, modifications of fins, napomonayushchy threads with radiant edges. By means of fins can also move and by land. A mouth rather small, in it settle down chety slightly mobile big tooth. Afrikansky a protopter in the nature is protected also from the person, bites if incidentally step on it, hisses at the same time as a snake whom he reminds speed of the movements. Protopterov catch a spear and on a rod as he is edible for the person and possesses very tasty meat.

the Main diet in a native habitat of Afrikansky of Protopter are spineless crabs and frogs. The lack of oxygen of Protopter does not frighten as, having the special device, they freely breathe atmospheric air, as defined them in group of amphipneustic.

If waters of the rivers in which Afrikansky a protopter lives dry, he hides in a certain cocoon which makes of silt, and remains in it for all the time zasushya. Often Protopterov even transport to other countries in aquariums, in the time spent in such case. They lie in them, having been curtailed, having a little thrown a tail on the head, and occupy so small space that in room size it is hardly possible to judge the size of fish. External walls of this cocoon are constructed of usual silt, and the inside is covered with mucous weight. What is the time this hibernation continues, nobody knows, but it is known, however, that fish can within several months be left without any harm in such state. After the placing of this futyalyar in warm fresh water, in several hours it is dissolved. Fish prizkhodit in herself in several hours, and in several days already begins to try to discover to herself production.

Protopter Afrikansky is In the afternoon in sand and silt, and can only rise above in pure waters at night. During a drought, digs in high coast to itself holes - shelters, and the main time will visit there. Protopter Afrikansky only at night, for searches of food leaves svoy a shelter. In case of need he can creep and by land.


Fresh-water rivers of Africa, generally western Africa and northern part of Nile.

Contents in the Alushtinsky aquarium:

Afrikansky the protopter loves loneliness, and it is better not to contain them together with representatives of the look as they will be napadatb at each other, to bite for a tail. Temperature is necessary about 24 - 27C, pH - close to neutral, for dGH to 20. The active filtration is required. The preferred forage - live fish, meat slices, small young frogs, earthworms. Puberty is reached at the age of 3 - 4 years. Can live up to 15 years in bondage. Cultivation in bondage is very difficult.