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Tvifir, tvistoriya, tv - pearls and in general … How to create new terms on Twitter?


C who managed to taste this forbidden fruit we move further. Today I will stop on how to create new words for this specific language environment. Well, for an example I will give a cool example from tva English - language.

Drunktwittering - to write messages on Twitter, being drunk.

of Dweet - the reduced version of the above-named term - the message sent in a state of intoxication.

Well what is a tweet, a reply, a retweet or DM … know already very many. If you do not know, esteem same “Guide“.

And here, for example, what is “reretweet“? Riddle … I thought up this word, of course, and took from a popular tva - a tongue twister: “A retweet yes not to pereretvit a tweet. And pereretvitiv a retweet not to pereretvit a reretweet... “ Gave it, according to great Google, the dude with a nickname of volgaparus at which in a profile it is worth that call him Alex, and lives it in general in World Wide Web. Badly, the country (and the whole world too), have to know the heroes. And the word itself designates nothing yet. Bye.. And it happens.

Tv - the message allows only 140 terms and if you want that the message it still was retweeted, that is betrayed further, then it is even less. The people reduce well-known words as can. But all this is not new, many reductions of common words for the SMS - messages already settled, even special explanatory dictionaries - translators from Russian of the SMS - language on … just Russian are published.

That is just reductions - it is already not cool at all, not fashionably, not fishechno!

And now the main counters of Twitter in creation of a tva - terms .

1. the easiest way to do new tv - terms - it is simple to change the first syllable of the word for “tv“. So there are tvistoriya, tvislovitsa and tvigovorka … And here with “star“ words if to collect tv - the term by this rule, there is a situation ambiguous …

2. Then we use the rule second - it is possible just to add to the word ahead of “tva“ - and “tvizvezda“ will turn out. Well, now no discrepancy can be. It is possible to write as together, and through a hyphen, for example, “tv - pearls“.

3. Can just think up the term and to ask a tva - community what, in their opinion, means this term.

4. Can think up new value to the famous word having imprudence long ago to begin on three cheerful letters … Here, for example, term “tvir“. This word is also in the explanatory dictionary of living great Russian language B. Dahl and in many other dictionaries of Russian. There is such river - Tvir. And in what value the word it is applied on Twitter? Who does not know and to whom it is interesting, find discussion “Day of “Tvir“ on Twitter“ in Google or Yandex, read discussion.

What Twitter - so it that the phenomenon it still rather new and rules in it only begin to develop is interesting. Each, any person can think up the terms, rules of spelling etc.

Try! At you, of course it will turn out! Only it is not necessary to be afraid!