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The attitude towards - how to create the healthy relation?

One of the factors influencing development of our success in business, work or life are the RELATION to itself.

If the attitude towards itself “any“, then and the success never is!

Only when you begin to treat yourself, as to the best person whom you know, how to the successful businessman as to the person at whom everything turns out as to the millionaire, eventually, ONLY THEN the success will not keep itself waiting and you will be able to reach all you aspire to.

It is not unimportant to understand that it is necessary to treat kindly, not only himself, but also that business in which you are engaged and in which you want to achieve positive results.

For example - the relation to business - needs to be understood that if not to be engaged in business constantly if to find for business time a case from a case if to hope that someone will perform your work and it will advance business to heights, then business will move on a sinusoid with take-off and falling: you begin to put forces and heart and soul - business grows, release reins, relax - business falls and it is necessary to start everything anew.

Reasons of the bad attitude towards:

1. Unrealistic and not fair comparison of personal and others` experience. Remember that abilities at all identical and if someone speaks on Chinese, it does not mean that it is better than you.

2. A habit to compare the worst qualities to the best qualities of other people. Each expert in the area.

3. A habit to confuse failures in implementation of some project with failures in life. There is nothing the general. The project comes and leaves, and life goes on!

4. Expectation of negative consequences.

Always be in a positive and are ready for positive result. Our reason can complete any picture which we in it put according to our spirit.

And if you are ready for failure, then you it also receive 100%. At the same time, if you are sure of the forces if you submitted the picture in the consciousness that at you everything turned out - that you will become a WINNER surely!

I suggest to register in the consciousness the following rule forever:

When your attitude towards itself improves, your affairs and your return in all spheres of life improve.

Success in training of the attitude towards yourself, remember: