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Why bathing suits called “bikini“?

of the States, called by someone`s name, on our planet are a lot of. Among them and such “frivolous“ country as the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

These islands are called by name the English captain John Marshall (John Marshall) (1748 - 1819) . John Marshall at very tender age became a ship`s boy, and since then the ships were the house to it. Marshall was born in England, but the important role was played by him in the history of other country - Australia. The captain Marshall ordered one of the ships which in 1788 delivered in the Botanical bay (near it there is a city of Sydney now) the first party of convicts from England. These Europeans the British government decided to occupy the far continent.

In Great Britain those years there were many convicts. Ferocity of the English laws was not counterbalanced, as in Russia, with a non-obligation of their execution. Prisons and penal servitudes were hammered into mother countries. Built floating prisons, but also it did not help. Some time of convicts was sent to North America. However, having won independence, the United States of America refused to accept “foreign“ criminals. Then remembered the southern continent opened by the English seafarer James Cook.

And here across three oceans the ships with holds, the filled convicts stretched there. Marshall made two “unbearable“ flights from England to the Australian coast, and renounced further travel of this sort. In - the first, by the ship there were many patients, and mortality just read off scale. And in - the second, kolodnik tried to lift revolt and to seize the ship. Fortunately for Marshall, this attempt was unsuccessful.

However the endured adventures fought any desire to work in contract for the ministry of prisons off the captain. And he was engaged in charter transportations from Australia to China. In these flights Marshall repeatedly floated islands on any cards yet not put. And it is accurate them on the maps marked then, at a leisure, to understand whether he incidentally appeared the pioneer. And so, those islands which received then a name of J. Marshall were opened at all not by it, and the Spanish seaman Alonso de Salazar in 1526 when tried to repeat Fernando Magallanes`s feat and to make a round-the-world trip. But then, up to the end of the eighteenth century until the Pacific archipelago was plotted by the captain John Marshall, Europeans forgot about these islands.

Perhaps, it would be better for civilized countries to forget about them at all. As if not so! During the twentieth century of the island were a colony and Germany, and Japan, and from Japan they passed to the USA.

In 1946 one of the Marshall Islands, Bikini Atoll for the whole world became famous . Here Americans began to test the atomic and hydrogen bombs. The first test happened on July 1, 1946. This event was then the main news on newspaper pages.

On combination of circumstances, in four days, on July 5 there was the first demonstration of new type of a women`s bathing suit, two-piece and opening to the sun (and to man`s views) a female stomach. This display caused sensation not smaller, than atomic explosion somewhere in Oceania. The bathing suits which blew up the last moral foundations called “bikini“ too.

The engineer causing a bathing suit - the motorist Louis Rear invented (Louis R é ard) (1897 - 1984) . Except the main work he still a little traded. That is, his mother who owned in Paris shoe shop traded. And Louis was in mamashiny shop a manager.

Just at this time the famous fashion designer Jacques Eym (Jacques Heim) (1899 - 1967) , won a professional competition: who will be able to create a swimwear on which the fabric minimum will be required. Naturally, without leaving decency limits. The foremother Eve`s suit on which matter but only several fig leaves, for this reason it was rejected was not required at all. Eym coped with a task, and the model offered them was called by “atom“ (Atome). Not in honor of an atomic bomb, we will notice. Just on - Greek “atom“ means indivisible. Thereby the winner emphasized: further - there is no place.

Also he was wrong. In peak to the colleague - the rival Louis Renard offered a swimwear even more minimum. On it only 30 inches (76 cm) of fabric left. The engineering reason found the suitable solution: about a half - on covering a breast, other half - on two a treugolnichka for cover of other places. According to the author, the idea dawned on him when he saw that women on the beach sprain the bathing suits, wishing to open more body for suntan.

The premiere of a bathing suit took place in the Parisian basin Molitor (Piscine Molitor) . It is necessary to tell that Renard`s invention was too courageous for those times. Any of professional modelyersh did not risk to defile almost naked before thousands of the viewers. Mishelin Bernardini (Micheline Bernardini) was necessary to take for this purpose the professional stripper from “Casino de Paris“ . According to ubiquitous journalists, after display the girl received 50 thousand marriage offers. What Louis Rear reacted with peculiar French live humour to: “If bikini cannot be passed through a wedding ring is not bikini“.

From Bikini Atoll after twelve years of tests and 66 full-scale nuclear and thermonuclear explosions there were pathetic remains. Which sell to tourists as sight now. As radiation level here now quite safe, invite fans of scuba diving to the deserted atoll. Suggest to admire it unnaturally bright coral reeves in an atoll lagoon. Corals survived even after repeated explosions of hydrogen bombs, but it is now absolutely other corals.

In a lagoon of Bikini Atoll of divers one more attraction expects. At the end of war Americans drove several written-off aircraft carriers and one Japanese battle ship here. On these vessels tested the destroying power of the thermonuclear weapon. Naturally, all of them are based on day of a lagoon in the form of romantic fragments now. There scuba divers dive, but iron still “indicates radioactivity“ therefore long do not allow to linger on a bottom to scuba divers.

Selecting illustrations to this story, I not without pleasure considered pictures which were issued to me by the search server at the request of “bikini“. Among them there were already quite historical photos of Bridget Bardot from her first movie “And God Created the Woman“ (1956). Bridget Bardot is the Frenchwoman, but thanks to the movie with her participation bikinis conquered the USA. Perhaps it will also surprise someone, but at the end of 1950 - x years customs in the USA were absolutely Puritan. To walk at that time on the beach in bikini was all the same what to walk naked. So far on the American screens Bridget Bardot`s movie did not appear. The charming Frenchwoman showed to Americans, to properly wear bikini. And much still what showed.

And absolutely unexpectedly in a subject there was a series of photos in bikini of the girl not of a slender constitution with what we usually got used to see models. Meanwhile, signatures under the photo testified: the girl took the second place at the competition “Ms. England“ which was held on July 18, 2008. The girl was satisfied with result. According to her, she wishes to break a stereotype according to which in order that you were considered beautiful, it is necessary to be thin. She is not so thin, but she is meanwhile graceful, beautiful and clever. It is actively removed by the advertizing agencies and magazines which joined in fight against promotion of leanness of models from - for what a great number of young girls exhaust themselves diets and finish anorexia and death.

Surname of the girl Marshall. Chloe Marshall (Chloe Marshall) .