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How to plan a personal plot?

Came true a miracle - you became the owner of own piece of the earth on whom you are going to build giving or a cottage. Or perhaps the house is already constructed or bought ready. Anyway at your disposal there was a territory which needs improvement.

If your surname Rockefeller (or at least you are his close relative), then it is possible to go on a simple way - to address to the company which is engaged in landscaping. Experts will plan and will make for you everything, beginning from a garden and a kitchen garden and finishing with small architectural forms with flower beds and cozy benches. But if you do not consist related to at least most worthless oligarch, there can be problems.

So, we will agree that you - not the oligarch and not his relative. But you all the same want that the site was beautiful. And functional at the same time. It is possible to arrange it, even without involving the professional landscape designer.

For a start pay attention: where on your site solar places, and where a constant shadow (for example, often are shaded places near the house, and, not necessarily - on small sites also neighbour`s constructions can create a shadow). This information will help you to decide on planting of plants: some of them are exclusively heliophilous and others will refuse flatly to grow in a shadow, - exactly the opposite, will demand a shadow, there are also those which with equal success will grow both on the sun, and in a shadow.

Investigate the soil even if a site absolutely tiny. Yes, in general everything will be uniform. For example, continuous loam. However maybe so that the previous owners wished to have a piece of the chernozem and delivered the earth on some fragment of a site (for example, for the device of strawberry “hill“ or an exotic bed). If you in the middle of the site find such chernozem Klondike - you were lucky. If is not present, then you or should refuse those plants which do not correspond to the soil which is available at your disposal, or to deliver for them the earth - pleasure not from the cheapest, considering the cost of delivery and the necessary number of the soil.

Break a site into functional fragments (a playground, an arbor, the platform for picnics, a garden, a kitchen garden, a bed, a flower border and so on), considering distribution of light and shade, and also “land nuances“. If the site enough decent sizes, then usually a garden settles down on the forward and average plan, and a kitchen garden it is accepted to have on average and back. But you can arrange in the foreground a flower bed, on an average - a kitchen garden, and on back - a garden.

Pay attention - what at you will be a view from windows. One business during an after-dinner siesta to admire own flower bed or to recalculate apples on own apple-tree, - to watch another the bug creeping on a shed wall (and here it is already unimportant - the shed or neighbour`s). So, planning functional fragments, try to pretend from windows as much as possible attractive. As a last resort, if from a shed not to leave in any way, it is possible to use grapevines (naturally, that grade which is suitable for growth in your climatic conditions). You receive not only a picturesque type of a la a medieval castle, but also grape juice or wine of house production.

If your site is absolutely small, or constructions occupy the big space, then it is necessary to use cunning a little. Sadah sung by poets and prose writers at you will not turn out. For this purpose the place which is absent is required. But it is possible to receive at the same time both fruit-trees and bushes, and additional protection against neighbors and streets. It is enough to place landings on perimeter of a site is both will save the place, and will serve as a peculiar green fence. And already on the free square it is possible to arrange anything.

Small nuance: if your site settles down not in the housing estate, and, for example, along the city street or rather brisk road, you should not place playgrounds, platforms for games, rest and picnics near the street. You can be fenced off from environment visually, but in any way not audialno - eating a festive shish kebab, you will constantly hear the street, but not the interlocutor. Besides, the street smells, and exhaust gases do not improve appetite at all.

Planning flower beds, carefully study those plants which you are going to plant. Draw several plans of future flower bed - with various placement of plants. It will be better if high flowers appear at you in the foreground, and low-growing - on back, on paper, but not on a site. The same and with color scale. Incorrectly picked up colors are capable to ruin the most good undertaking and to turn a magnificent flower bed into very slovenly town which will irritate you. Fans - flower growers begin to plan the beds in the winter and till spring draw various options of placement of plants. Results of similar planning usually cause admiration.

Choosing fruit-trees and bushes for landing, pay attention - and what grows at neighbors? How it fructifies? Take an interest: whether they tried to land other grades and what it ended with? Of course, you can become a pioneer and try to grow up a date palm tree in a Central Russian strip directly in soil, but whether there is it such efforts?

If you have a small site, think - whether the traditional arbor which it is necessary to arrange in three meters from the house is necessary to you, having taken the place and having blocked up a site, and at the same time and having shaded its part. If in your house there is a verandah.

If you the fan of walks on gardens, and the sizes of your site allow to lay out a garden, then it is possible to extend walk even on a small garden, having made impression that you walk on extensive space. It is enough to refuse direct paths, having replaced them with the real labyrinth of windings and bends. And if still to place small architectural forms in key places (to somewhere build a tiny twig - and a bench near it for contemplate pastime, somewhere to put a garden sculpture etc.), then illusion will be absolutely full.

Also you remember: even on the tiniest site it is possible to create the real pastures of Heaven if you have such desire and you will not regret the time for careful planning.