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To risk or not to risk?

The other day talked to the old friend, the director of investment company.

Remembered the past, and to remember is that since we with it together began the labor way even at the time of “voucher privatization“, in far 90 - ty years.

Counted and it turned out that more than 17 years we with it are closely connected with a subject of stock market, with a subject of actions, with a subject of personal finance.

We spoke with it including about the fact that different different time are absolutely necessary to people in different investment decisions, or, in other words, not to all to people need actions, mutual funds, DU (trust management), Forex, etc.

How to define what suits you?

it is Very simple.

In the plan - the schedule achievements of any your of the financial purpose (for example, to get on the apartment ) three different stages , absolutely different in the level of the riskiness are obligatory dolzhns to be .

the FIRST stage

is time of big risk. the Main task for you at this stage - as much as possible to risk and to earn with

big money, respectively.

big risk makes big profit (and, quite perhaps, and heavy losses!) .

Here also speculation in stock market (especially, with derivative securities), and creation of own business belongs.

the SECOND stage

is time for moderate, balanced risk.

the Necessary sum for purchase of the apartment you is already half collected and to risk it already becomes frightening therefore at this stage it is necessary to choose average and is low - risk ways of enhancement of the created capital.

Here it is possible to advise to begin more accurately to work with actions and to gradually withdraw the earned money from risky assets.

Is a high time to think of the choice of the bank deposit, the Sum on purchase of the apartment is already almost collected to look for reliable bank

the THIRD stage

, I congratulate! the Task - to keep

it and not to lose it on any silly swindle (type, Forex).

Here it is necessary to involve only low - or without - risk financial instruments, for example, to put money for the deposit in solid bank and meanwhile to earn the sum lacking for acquisition of the apartment by means of OTHER risk tools.

Think at what stage there are you now?

to us should learn to think of

of everything strategically, is respectful to the personal finance and not to let these matters drift.

For certain at you is at once a little various financial purposes, in this case such three-stage approach should be applied to all the purposes, to everyone separately.

In end, I want to remind you that in what would not be engaged whether early late we will be forced to depart from active earning money to ourselves on life.

And if at this moment you did not manage to create to yourself solid financial assets yet, you have every chance to become most usual the pensioner , with ordinariest pension .

Therefore to think of the pension and of ways of its formation never early!

What it is necessary to do right now to ensure decent pension, comfort and confidence in tomorrow?

What earlier you will begin to think of it and to undertake something, the less efforts it will demand at the expense of the big investment horizon.

My council is simple - use different financial instruments, apply three-stage planning and you remember that pension savings are one of your most long-term goals.