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National control. Whether it is possible to take in hand mobile network operator?

“Just threw money for the account, did not speak almost with anybody, and they are absent any more!“ - he is familiar, the truth? The fact that mobile operators steal money of the subscribers - one of the subjects which are hotly discussed in the people. In the same row - charges to doctors, teachers, the government, television … Personally me “shortchanging“ of subscribers seemed to

unreal. Well, maybe, operators which - what mistakes also allow (though hardly - not on accounts consider there!). Perhaps even save a little bit in own favor (and most likely, it simply seems to people). And in general at the normal person - conscientious, using phone directly (to call, but not to download - to play - to play music!) similar situations will hardly arise.

And even when the operator suddenly made out the close girlfriend of my aunt a bill in twenty thousand rubles for Internet connection, I thought - itself, probably, is guilty. Pressed, probably, buttons, without having understood. It is a pity, of course, unfortunate - she in general hardly accurately imagines what is the Internet, but there`s nothing to be done …

However when to me similar history, the relation to a problem will happened - bondage it was necessary to change. And that it is a problem, but not an inventing of tales from scratch I know for certain now. So it is visible we, people, are arranged: “only what us concerns nearly concerns us“.

However, there will be enough preludes. Business was so. Having decided to check balance, I gathered all put lattices - asterisks and was stupefied: I was informed on a debt in 609 rubles. Having a little recovered, having drunk waters, called the operator. The solid such, by the way, operator - does not descend from screens of TVs.

Stated a problem essence: could not utter supposedly this money, into the account showered hundred rubles recently and they - that could not be spent … Mistake, probably... And in reply heard:

- From your number two SMS - messages were sent to short number yesterday. The cost of everyone - 300 with small.

Having been kept by miracle on a chair, I took an interest that ordered by means of SMS. It became clear that wanted to download game to the mobile phone.

Ha and such anti-gamer as I, still to look! Except a solitaire “Spider“, never played one computer game and I have no desire of it. All games in my phone devstvenno - are untouched. The assumption that I could desire to download game, borders on idiocy. What I also told the girl on that end of a wire about.

- Probably, someone sent another from your number, - it did not tremble.

I opened, the girl was unshakable. Having understood that our altercations in the spirit of “you who such - is not present, and you who such?“ will not lead to anything, the employee of the company connected me to finance department. Beginning to begin to boil, I explained once again, “in what an essence of my problem“, but here again - it is healthy. I was tried to be convinced that, maybe, I “incidentally sent“ and itself did not understand.

Here I have to make retreat. The matter is that one week prior to this case such feint at the company already passed. Reported to me about a debt in 150 rubles - allegedly for Internet connection. In response to my denial the girl - the operator declared the same: I could press connections the button and itself not to notice. Then I (well, such here naive Chukchi girl) paid.

Probably, it was pleasant. Decided to try once again. Without having sustained such impudence, I declared that I the journalist and will write tomorrow article about these tricks of the operator. Moreover I will file a lawsuit. I was begun to be calmed and offered such option: I call provider and I learn whether SMS - ki from my number went. Povozmushchavshis, I called. I was answered that any SMS - messages from my number did not arrive and recommended to refuse payment.

Aha, I anticipated, - you will begin to jump now! Early anticipated. In reply I heard:

- Well, well, then we can offer you the following. You pay only one SMS - the message, and the second the company will forgive you. We value the clients.

With your permission, I will lower the description of the reaction to this tempting offer. As a result the company recorded my complaint and promised to arrange technical check.

There passed two days. Again it is ringing from the operator. At me took an interest (attention!) - from where I took number of provider?! Hardly constraining nonliterary epithets, I explained how I received it.

- And to you what, answered?

- Imagine, answered.

Me promised to understand again.

In couple of days I was informed that an inspection is carried out, certain “facts“ were elicited and money is returned into my account. More precisely, the debt to me was written off. Thanks, of course. You ask: what still it is necessary to you - why a wave to lift?

Well, in - the first, for me it is just offensive: none of the remarkable company considered it necessary to apologize at least to me for the caused trouble, suggesting to pay long-distance negotiations with provider.

And in - the second, there is a wish to know what would be, agree I with the statement that could send SMS in a condition of full ignorance? Just somewhere someone would receive a money as a gift?! And whether there are a lot of us, such here “donators“? And whether much still will be?

Therefore I advise all readers: do not give themselves to fool, always defend the correctness and you do not hurry to get a purse at once at all - you watch attentively what you pay for.