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How to grow thin by means of a shock therapy? 14 shock days - 14 ways of shock for a body and advantage of

As your affairs with your smart figure?

You admire the reflection to the utmost?

Folds in silhouette places are absent?

You carry the fitting things?

You are ready to demonstration of the proportions on the beach?

If you answered all questions in the affirmative, accept a sincere applause and delights. You - well done! Progress and happy journey under other articles! Those who doubt with the answer, I will ask to remain. You should be engaged in a shock therapy. You what, was still not realized what it is already time to take care of the own life? It is time to grow thin and work!

Psychologists established what through a slight stress of people effectively acquires any information. And what thoughts, it and body. So let`s leave all this excess weight together with talk on weight loss and we will be engaged in business.

Allow to present a shock therapy for weight loss. The course is calculated on 14 days. Every day we meet by new shock and we consolidate result by the positive statement. Such statements, according to the list, should be repeated every day. For full effect it is better to write them on bright leaflets and to hang out a festive garland on all house and office on visible places.

Thus, consolidating positive thoughts by positive action, we achieve positive result. Proverenno enthusiasts. Side effects are not revealed. Real loss of weight in 14 days - 1,5 - 4 kg, depending on fanaticism of execution.

1 day . To undress and rise safely on scales. In such look to approach a mirror and to look, without blinking, the truth in eyes. To photograph itself. (With the broken mentality and to children of a photo it is better for people not to show).

Statement of day: I personify beauty and harmony of the nature!

2 day . In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a tablespoon of the vegetable not refined oil, it is recommended: pumpkin, linen or olive. After that at once to drink a glass of hot water. To repeat this pleasant procedure every morning throughout all course.

Statement of day: All my intentions and desires are always granted!

3 day . To begin with douche with cold water from a basin. After such procedure it is active to slap itself in problem places. To be pounded by a damp towel.

Statement of day: I feel the force and beauty!

4 day . To buy 2 simple locks. To hang up one lock on the refrigerator, after 6 o`clock in the evening. The second, also after 6 o`clock in the evening to put to itself on a stomach and to lock. To open only in the morning! To carry out during all course.

Statement of day: my body - my treasury!

5 day . To buy the favourite expensive candies, chocolate, a cake in unlimited number. To distribute all this to friends and acquaintances. And to watch how they eat it on your eyes. From this day and until the end of a course to bury dream of sweet.

Statement of day: At me a dolce vita! I live in chocolate!

6 day . To buy a soft rich roll and to crumb all to birdies. To fry a piece of fat meat, and it is better a cutlet from cookery. To be rubbed with the cooled-down remains of fat. To take a hot shower, to wash away everything. From this day before the termination of a course to forget about fat and flour.

Statement of day: In my stomach - love and happiness!

7 day . In an empty bathtub to fill ice pieces, the more the better. To knead on ice of foot and other parts of a body. Not to sit! To rub itself with ice. To take a warm shower.

Statement of day: I am a burner of fat!

8 day . To remember about the muscles. To shake a press. To be wrung out from a floor. To hang for a while on a crossbeam. To rise by the excess floor. To steal a march in the downtown in rush hour.

Statement of day: I feel the relief muscles!

9 day . To make to itself a hot bathtub. To add a glass of lemon juice, a glass of sea salt. In a bathroom to sit on a belt of 20 min. To take a warm shower and to pound itself a new rigid brush for domestic needs. After that to throw out a brush.

Statement of day: my thoughts, the head, a body and skin are pure!

10 day . The whole day is nothing. To drink only green tea. Not less than 2 liters.

Statement of day: I drink falls of good luck!

11 day . To throw out stuff from the house. To throw out clothes which you do not carry and which you carry every day, especially house.

Statement of day: I look and I put on kingly!

12 day . Tie with a scarf eyes and close ears. To be in such state not less than an hour.

Statement of day: I am a creator of the life and destiny!

The 13th day Take a marker and write on the body beautiful pleasant words, such as love, beauty, tenderness, etc.

the Statement of day: I am magic!

14 day . To buy a huge bouquet of roses. To fill a bathtub and to fill up it with petals of all bought roses.

Statement of day: I can do everything!

All at us have a choice - to win or be won, to act or recede, create or watch others creativity. To learn - it is worth trying.

Good luck and creative experiments!