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Why to the housewife strategic planning?

will make a reservation At once - the speech not about that, how far it is necessary to come in the attempts to plan. Here the word “ strategic “ is used a little in other value. The Strategichnost is a way of thinking, coordination of the plan with the long-term interests, with the changing environment, speed and the direction of these changes.

It is written subtly? Now we will understand.

Several “mines“, here they are hidden in the question:

1. Whether it is necessary to plan in general?

2. Whether all should plan?

3. How far have to be plans?

4. What to do if there is no wish to plan (it is impossible, I do not see need etc.) ?

Everything depends on what to call planning. If to draw volumes of financial calculations before being defined in what to dress the child in a garden, then such planning to us to anything.

Why? Because planning, as well as at all things and the phenomena in this world, has the mission (we want to recognize it or we do not want). And purpose of the plan - to provide future development of the situation and our actions in this regard, to find inconsistency and to decide on our attitude towards them (and whenever possible - to eliminate), and also to coordinate the future actions to actions of other people, events and circumstances.

And still there is a principle of extreme usefulness according to which costs of action should not exceed advantage of such action. Otherwise just it is more favorable to do nothing (though here it is possible and to argue, and I still will return to this question).

Thus, what is the plan ? In any way the made instruction to on the future. And whether there will be it the written document, a crib, or all of you will hold in the head - it is a matter of taste of everyone. whether

So should be planned?

Proceeding from the planning purposes (you remember - to provide, reveal inconsistency, to coordinate with others), I safely claim that planning is necessary. Here as it is impossible by the way the scene from the new movie “What Men Speak About“ when the spouse asks one of heroes to call a taxi occurs. He says that he is busy, but orders. Tells the wife - and that already ordered. Well, the hero cancels the order - and the spouse also cancels the order! I think that at everyone in life there are a lot of similar not coherences which can be avoided, having just agreed on the plans (and for this purpose they have to be, though some). whether

Everything should be planned?

the Question for me rhetorical. If you not the vegetable which is carrying out only physiological functions, then you need to coordinate the existence to that society in which you live. How to make it without plan? I do not represent! And here the speech any more not about efficiency increase, and just about physical feasibility.

How far have to be plans?

Here everything put

: a) in your preferences - to each person his own horizon of anticipation, and b) your purposes is comfortable. If you plan holidays for 5 years ahead (well, it is necessary for you so!) - then the horizon of planning will be corresponding. If unexpectedly to learn in the evening that you go on a ball - for you norm then the planning horizon for you considerably will come nearer.

of the Problem in planning

Ya faced three main groups of problems in planning : there is no

- the purpose - there is nothing to plan;

- too many factors do not depend on me - there is no opportunity to plan;

- I am not able to plan.

Unfortunately, I also tried to solve all three groups of problems by means of training in planning. However such training will help only with the third, the simply, a case.

The first problem - not tool (how to plan), and psychological. And its solution is also found in the psychological plane. Whether the person needs to help to identify the purpose, whether to work with a self-assessment and motivation, but anyway without psychological assistance quickly the problem will not be solved.

And here the second problem - the most often mentioned. And that the most interesting, in this case planning can be very effective and useful tool.

So as you are influenced by a set of the factors which are out of the sphere of your control, it is reasonable to concentrate on what you control.

You can list such “uncontrollable“ factors? You can. You are capable to describe those options of impact on you of these factors? I think if you try, then it will turn out. And further - pure planning! Development of scenarios of behavior in case of this or that factor - than not planning? Coordination of your behavior with external circumstances - than not planning? Development of measures of minimization of damage from such uncontrollable circumstances? Too planning!

Yes, such plan will differ a little from the standard linear plan: to make And, then B then to start by Century. There will be a diversity and prichinno - investigative communications: if And - B, if In - D, and if E - And, B and In combined.

But in this situation such plan is necessary even more than where - or still. The uncertainty is higher - the more carefully there has to be a planning!