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All-weather tires yokohama. High quality?

the Yokohama Company taking a leading place in world production of summer, winter and all-weather tires for cars are one of quickly developing companies among competitive to it firms.

Thanks to quality, production of the Yokohama company dynamically wins the market. Tests of all-weather tires, winter and summer tires pass on grounds TIMARI, the Nurnburgring, etc., known for the whole world. Production is checked by computer facilities at all production phases that does it more exact and safe during operation. Participation in various races, delivery of tires to all world racing championships, once again proves that the Yokohama firm is worthy production of world quality.

At the rubber choice, instead of installation in the spring and fall of summer and winter tires, can put the all-weather tires yokohama possessing almost same characteristics, and sometimes better as their raznosezonny analogs. It is possible to carry the AVID S/T model to such qualitative all-weather rubber. Good water drainage, fine coupling with the road both with wet, and with hot (summer) asphalt. Big wear resistance by right will be estimated by any motorist.

For high-speed cars can be offered AVID W4s allowing to feel surely on any road even with a speed up to 240 km/h. And confidence that the car will not bring at the responsible moment this most important at extreme (high-speed) driving.

the Huge number of all-weather tires for SUVs can offer Yokohama: G011, G033, G035, G039, G051, G052. All series will provide not only reliability in conditions of the city movement, but also, thanks to the original drawing of a protector, will help to overcome off-road obstacles, such as sand and gravel. The introduced new developments by the Yokohama company in the production allows the driver more accurately and to precisely control the movement of the car even in the most extreme conditions and situations, doing a trip more comfortable and safe.

Can be told with confidence that the best tires for your car are tires of the Yokohama company. The advanced firm more and more winning hearts of motorists and professionals the really excellent quality and the advanced approach in production of the tires. Yokohama is not a company name, but the world brand checked by the international experts, and, above all thousands buyers.