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How to choose between warm and soft?

would Seem - an absurd question. But I specially chose it from comments in the blog to illustrate a choice technique between several, apparently, incomparable options. And a technique universal, obvious at first sight, but as shows experience - not put into practice by many.

And life quite often throws to us choice problems, without being coordinated with our ideas of formal logic. And there is nothing to do - it is necessary to choose! How to choose between incomparable categories?

A little theory

makes Any choice of people, consciously or unconsciously using a certain criterion, a certain criterion . If we in shop, then criterion (unfortunately, realized) - the price. For those who are capable to understand it one more criterion - quality appears. If it is clothes, then there can be such criteria as a style, the size, color, opinions of friends and relatives, requirements of fashion, requirement at present etc. For cars there can be criteria - the power, uniqueness, color, the number of similar cars in your city. For the computer - the criteria.

And here is how we choose, for example, a route for work? Whether always we realize that criterion which allows us to make this choice? Whether always in general this choice is conscious? I think, many if reflect, then will find a lot of things “unconscious“ in the behavior in such daily situation.

And here still interesting example. The head of the Boston philharmonic orchestra and in combination the brilliant speaker Benjamin Zander in the book “Art of Opportunities“ asks a question: by what extramental principle each of us is guided, choosing tactics of behavior in this or that situation? Also gives the answer shaking on the simplicity: the principle of need to survive! Why we follow safety rules, traffic regulations, we avoid unfairly - risky situations? Because we do not assume even thought that a survival - a thing in principle optional.

And now we will return to our absurd choice

What there has to be a criterion that the choice between warm and soft became intelligent and conscious?

Purpose! the Only thing measured only! For what we choose? What to us from that? How we will use it? What do we want to achieve?

If to think of these questions, then the choice will stop being it ridiculous. Present, the seller in a bakery shop asks you such question: “To you warm or soft?“ Depending on preferences you will choose something. Besides what you are going to do with bread? It is more convenient to eat soft is everyone remembers since the childhood.

Or in (Soviet) hotel you are asked: «to you bed warm or soft?“ I would prefer soft, and to someone it is more important warm.

Understand the purpose, define criteria of the choice - and any problem of the choice will stop being that! Everything is simple? You found for yourself something new?

Then why there are a lot of problems with the choice: the president, the employer, the correct behavior in some situations? Why comparison of alternatives and the miscalculation of scenarios remains the sphere where share analysts, spies moreover teachers of formal logic undividedly dominate, and all rest should be guided by the emotional choice, and is frequent also made under pressure of limited time?

And when you see near a counter with a set of grades, for example, sausages the grandmother who stiffened in silence next time - remember criteria of the choice and help it to make the conscious choice!

When I learned the last time - this act was equated to the translation of the grandmother through the road, and - so even considerably surpassed it in perspective usefulness!